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Projector, DBPOWER RD-810 LED Portable Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P with HDMI USB VGA AV for Home Cinema TV Laptop Game iPhone Andriod Smartphone, Black


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GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: Are you looking for a quality projector that gives you great value for money? Then the DBPOWER mini projector is for you. It’s great at home entertainment and we recommend you keep it that way. We do NOT RECOMMEND it for PPT or business presentations.
COMPATIBLE DEVICES: This portable projector is very versatile and can play music and display pictures & videos connected to any HDMI-enabled device (PCs, laptops, tablets, blue-ray DVD player), media players, USB flash drives or smartphones (cables are not included).
AMAZING VIEWING EXPERIENCE: With a projector distance of 1.5-5m, this sleek projector gives an image size of 50″ to 150”. The optimum projector distance is 2-2.5m. At this distance, you will get an awesome display of about 130”.
IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS: Native Resolution — 800 x 480 supporting 1080p, throw Distance — 4.9-13.12 feet, throw ratio — 1.4:1, aspect ratio– 4:3 / 16:9.
LEADING WARRANTY: With 3-YEAR warranty and professional customer service & technical support on hand, you can buy from us with confidence. If you ever have any problems, please feel free to contact us!



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DBPOWER RD-810 Portable Projector:

In order to save cost in maximum and provide the most affordable projector, some accessories like SD Ports are taken away from RD-810. Compared to DBPOWER T20 projector, the most popular projector, RD-810 is more affordable.

Bring entertainment for your family:

The mini projector has clear image, low fan noise,delicate quality. Watching football game, enjoying cinematic viewing experience or parent-children interaction, the mini projector brings lots of fun to you and your families.

Best option for you!


  • Color Brightness: Latest Upgraded,+10% Lumens
  • White Brightness: Latest Upgraded,+10% Lumens
  • Native Resolution: 800×480 pixels  
  • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Contrast: 1000:1  
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10 
  • Keystone Correction:  ±15 degrees (Horizontal)

Warm notices: 

  1. Not recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation. 
  2. NO SD port, Connecting to SD card, please buy a SD Reader.
  3. To connect the mini video projector with PC/ laptop, please adjust the PC/laptop display resolution to 800*600 or 1024*768. 
  4. Please use a wireless dongle or HDMI adapter if you need connect to smartphones or Ipads.
  5. No HDMI cable in the package

Bright and Clear:

DBPOWER Latest Upgraded,+10% Lumens LCD mini projector is ideal for home entertainment in the dark, brighter than other LED projectors.

Compatible with most of devices:

HDMI-enabled (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player), Media players, USB flash drive or Smartphones (Adpater is not included). But no SD port.

Compact, Lightweight Design, Lamps Last up to 30,000 Hours,

Portable, easy to set up. lamps maximize
viewing time while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

37 reviews for Projector, DBPOWER RD-810 LED Portable Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Supporting 1080P with HDMI USB VGA AV for Home Cinema TV Laptop Game iPhone Andriod Smartphone, Black

  1. Charlie Smith


  2. KMichelle

    For the price this seems like a pretty good projector
    For the price this seems like a pretty good projector. I bought this one and another that was slightly more expensive and ended up returning this one. Picture seems pretty clear at night. Slightly louder than the one I kept. Good projector all in all though.

  3. joe

    Fun works well

  4. Laura Arriaza

    Not satisfied…AT ALL
    *UPDATE 7/24 I am so amazed at the exceptional customer service that this company has displayed. Within days I received an email offering me a replacement or refund. I see that they value their customers and stand by their product. Again, thank you! ******************************************************** Not satisfied with this projector. Didn’t even last 2 months. It is now showing a black dark circle in the middle of the projector screen. Projector was never dropped nor was it messed with. I read all the great reviews before purchasing this and was impressed, but now I’m stuck with an item that doesn’t work. Very disappointed!

  5. HU_MeD89

    Cool Projector
    I bought a projector because right now I can’t afford, nor do I have space for one. This is a great projector for the price! I can watch lectures for school on it as well as movies on my down time. Customer service is also great! They let me know if I have any issues to please contact them. Very accommodating and patient. -Tee

  6. tampamotorman

    A good reliable little projector
    Have used it many times and it works reliably, either off my laptop or with chromecast off my smart phone.

  7. Ice3reaker

    Fixed my issues.

  8. Chris

    Great customer service!!!
    *******update******** Was contacted by DB Power apologizing and offering to make this right. I’m truly impressed by there customer service and them standing behind their product. Customer service alone I’m updating my review to 5 stars Bought this six months ago it worked ok a few times that we used it. We brought it out to have a movie night with the family and it no longer recognizes the remote. Well with out the remote this thing is useless. Can’t change the input source. Can’t change the volume or even get any volume out of the headphone jack for external speakers. It’s completely useless.

  9. Douglas

    Works great, Simple affordable projector
    When it comes to projectors the more you spend the higher the quality and feautures you get. In this case I paid around $60 I wad not expecting much, just an affordable way to watch some movies, play games etc. And external speaker is really a must as built in speakers are not good in any projector. Overall picture quality and brightness is on par for this price range.

  10. Kindle Customer

    Easy to use
    Easy to use, and travel with, with good picture quality. Works perfect to project a movie on the side of our camper!

  11. Betina Batts

    Satisfied Customer
    Company is great love the customer service provided and received product as requested. JOB WELL DONE!!!! Love it

  12. air

    Best Projector in town
    I was amazed of the quality of the equipment. Even as close as 4-5 feet the angle is beautiful as you would be sitting at the theater. Great dor tyw pocket and great imaging. I am extreamly happy with the purchase, quality of the projector. I wanted always a good projector and founded.

  13. Skrillexer12

    Five Stars
    Works awesomely

  14. Frank Labori

    Five Stars
    got it during a lightning deal works great!

  15. EP

    Good projector.
    Not the best projector in the world, but pretty great for the cost. Works well and easy to use.

  16. Alex

    Five Stars
    great price, works exactly how I need it to

  17. Emma Rooks

    Great projector
    Great projector for a great price !

  18. 1GrtGnan

    Five Stars
    Looks really nice, returned it as i didn’t need it. however if I do I wil order this one.

  19. Alex

    Great for the price, Not always loud enough
    Definitely enjoying this projector so far. Pros: Price Brightness Easy to use Cons: Not HD (fine for the price) Depending on the source I am using, built-in speakers are not always loud enough, mostly an issue with audio over HDMI for me so far. I know they have the ability to get much louder because they do when playing from a flash drive. Overall I am happy with the purchase and don’t think I could have found something better without spending much more, but I purchased it as part of a lightning deal for $50.

  20. peter annis

    Projector works great, nice clarity
    Projector works great, nice clarity. Had an issue and customer service was very responsive and helped solve it in a timely fashion.

  21. Shula

    I love this product so much
    I love this product so much. I love the quality of it and it so easy to use. The fanctionality is awesome. Few options I really like. 1. It comes with USB input which means you can connect flash disk and watch a movie/Pp/images etc. 2. It’s light weight 3. The quality is amazing 4. Price is super fair.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I was so disappointed but not anymore!
    I was so disappointed that a 4 star 3,000+ reviewed product didnt work after one use. Dbpower reached out to me after my review I posted and offered to ship me another one, informing me that maybe it was in the factory for a while before it shipped. I’m so glad they did send me another one because it works just as I was expecting. I was able to watch Ready Player One on it and it looked absolutely effing amazing. Thank you guys for getting back in touch with me if you didn’t then other people may not have bought this but I say buy it and if you have problems call them and let them know and they’ll work with you. Sometimes stuff like that just happens with products like this. Thank you thank you thank you. Anyways, this projector is really cool. I was able to watch a movie on it in quality that was very near close to 1080p. text doesn’t show up the best unless you’re showing like a large PowerPoint with maybe size 32 or higher font. I tried watching a YouTube video for unreal development tutorial using that kind of interface I could not read the text very well. but movies,PowerPoint, anything that has like that’s just mainly graphical looks very good. if you’re trying to use this for text it it’s not very sharp. I had this on all day and it’s been flawless. I did close the blinds to allow some of the sunlight to not distract the visuals. And at night I feel like I was looking at an actual 54 inch which is pretty cool when it only cost $70.

  23. KangarooKev

    Best priced for large view
    Best priced for large view! I got a the ERISAN Wall Mount to install on ceiling. Comes with protective lens cover.

  24. Amazon Customer

    really not bad for the price
    I bought this at $55, really not bad for the price! You can only really see it if the room is completely dark but works great for movies. Not too great for gaming because of the text not being super crisp. But overall not bad for the price and it’s small size/footprint.

  25. Logan O

    Surprisingly Really Good Product For The Price. Really Satisfied.
    I am very pleased with this projector, its a great size and it works really well. the packaging was really nice. and the responsiveness of the remote is really good. the Picture its amazing. It works really well in a dark room and not too bad during the day with light exposure. its a simple design and The Fan is Quieter than expected and honestly isn’t too loud. I played Media off of a USB and it works great. the Menu is simple and meets my satisfaction. The Picture quality is really good as well. It can project larger than Imagined and pretty clear too. Playing 1080p Video I noticed no Problems. This product was definitely worth the $52.00 – $79.00 (depending on when you buy it) The Focus adjustment works great. Seems like really nice quality. Only thing I think worth noting, after using a tripod to hold it up the mount system works but allows for slight unevenness. other then that that’s the only down side. The speaker works great but it is a bit quiet. it works well for 1 or 2 people listening but in a larger area a wireless Bluetooth speaker works great for on-the-go use. I would Honestly Recommend this product to anyone interested in Small form Projectors. Was there a bribe included? Yes, but only to write an Honest review. I didn’t need the 8GB Flash drive so I didn’t take it. This is just what I honestly Think about the Projector. The Photo Displaying the Screen is during the daytime with a good amount of light exposure. It appears lighter on Camera then in person.

  26. Mohamed

    good projector

  27. TaCarlya Davis

    Five Stars
    Love it!

  28. Danielle Wages

    Five Stars
    This is one of the best projectors we have found for the price. Definitely recommend.

  29. Justin B.

    Excellent Projector for the price.
    Bought this a while back on a Lightning deal. It’s a bit more loud than I’d like, but it’s an excellent projector for the asking price. Clear image and has been great for having movie nights with the Kids.

  30. Lala

  31. Muro

    If you want a projector without paying the price, this is it.
    I’m giving them 5 stars because ; *price *easy to hoock up *quality image (not the best, but look at the price) *size of the device I have read other reviews and they say is a bit loud, I disagree it is not bad at all. If you are looking for a projector but don’t want to spend a lot, this is your best option.

  32. jessica harris

    Five Stars
    Love love love….great pic..super easy setup! Highly reccommend!

  33. Eric Nguyen

    So I still have hope for making this product work …
    So I still have hope for making this product work, but so far I have not found any instructions online to make it work. I would appreciate any help I can get! I am trying to connect via HDMI and I have a MacBook Pro, so I have to use an adapter. Everything physically hooks up but the laptop seems to not recognize that there is some kind of input, so I am not sure what to do now. The “preferences” tab in the Display window does not show up, so I am stuck. Any help is appreciated! I’m not ready to give up on this product yet!!

  34. Connie S.

    Nice unit!
    Very nice unit, easy to use. Much lighter weight than the old church one and works just as well. Using it for amateur karaoke parties and church events, etc. Would recommend!

  35. Grayhaven Motel

    Great for the price. Not very bright. Advice = Spend a little more. Get something brighter.
    I was shocked to see how cheap this project was so we bought one to try it out. Works great adding a firestick to it. It is NOT very bright and room needs total darkness to get decent image… BUT really what can one expect from the cost. Might be better to spend a little more money and get something brighter.

  36. Jessica

    Good value
    I read the reviews extensively prior to this purchase and would agree with what I read. This device is super portable and light weight, and it actually displays pretty well in a semi-lit environment. I bought it for my husband to display media behind him at his music shows and so I’m happy with it. Can be tricky to get exact focus for words (subtitles, etc).

  37. Hypoxic Unicorn

    Great picture and definitely worth the price
    Great picture and definitely worth the price. I was skeptical of the quality before buying but took a chance and don’t regret it. Gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the fan is a bit louder than I would like. However, I’m just being picky because the projector works great in all other aspects.

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