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DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M Laser Distance Meter with Backlit LCD Screen, Single-distance Measurement/ Continuous Measurement/ Area/ Pythagorean Modes

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  • ▲Full feature offering includes area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction, Pythagorean method-three points. Measuring distance extends to 197 feet.
  • ▲Activate the laser and watch the measurements move in real time as you move closer and farther from the target, just like a tape measure. Hold the measurement by pressing the measure button again.
  • ▲The minimum/maximum measurement mode comes in handy when evaluating the shortest and longest distances from a fixed point, making it ideal for use when measuring plumb lines (minimum) and diagonals (maximum)!
  • ▲Backlight for increased visibility in low-light conditions. Fits comfortably in hand and easily in pocket. 3 AAA batteries required (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AAA batteries)
  • ▲Extreme accuracy, measures to within 1/13″.


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DBPOWER 197FT/ 60M Digitial Laser Distance Measure

The DBPOWER Laser Distance Meter is an easier, faster and more accurate way to measure. It delivers laser precision technology and real-time measurement mode, taking instant and reliable measurements up to 197 feet, so one person can size up the job in seconds.

  • Precision Measuring Technology
  • Handyinimum/maximum measurement
  • Backlight display offers easy and convenient viewing
  • Pocket size for easy access anywhere
  • Multiple measurement feature
  • Battery Life: up to 5000 times of measuring

Multiple Measurement:

Area measurement

Automatic calculation of area: Press measure button twice, it indicates the length and width, then calculate the area automatically.

Indirect Pythagoras Measuremen

Indirect Pythagoras Measurement: It can measure the hypotenuse and one vertical length, then calculate the automatically.

Volume measurement

Automatic calculation of volume: Press measure button three times, it indicates the length, width and height, then calculate the volume automatically.

Front reference point and back reference point

Measure from the front and the back reference point, indicates two different results.

47 reviews for DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M Laser Distance Meter with Backlit LCD Screen, Single-distance Measurement/ Continuous Measurement/ Area/ Pythagorean Modes

  1. Tito Romero

    Compraré otro
    Excelente Producto, realmente trabaja muy bien!!!

  2. Brian

    Makes measuring faster.
    I do quotes for installation of gas lines & I used to use a standard tape measure. With my new laser distance measure, my measure time is so much shorter & easier. I no longer need to have a second person to hold the other end.

  3. Silverrose

    Works nice

  4. Angelopet

    Nice product
    Works well. Great customer service.

  5. J. Perez


  6. Brahma

    Easy to use. Must have for every homeowner.
    Easy to use. Love the continuous measurement mode. Size compact though not convenient pocket size. Lightweight. Has inbuilt bubble level which can be very useful in some situations. Overall well made product, simple to use for both professionals and DIYers like me.

  7. Kirby

    Excellent Measuring Device
    Measures in meters and feet. Great at a distance of over 100′. Many more functions that what I will ever need.

  8. Y Cintron

    Really nice tool
    Excellent tool. Compact and user friendly. Accurate readings at a great price. Definitely recommend this tool

  9. Christopher Case

    Doesn’t measure in fractions but seems to work well otherwise
    It seems like a pretty neat device and I’ll keep working with it, to see if I can figure out good ways to use it. I am working on home improvement. Mostly flooring and trim work. I expect I can use it but I was hoping to measure in inches with fractional inches rather than decimals.

  10. Amazonian

    Accurate Digital Measurements!
    It really works well, comes with good instructions and nice carrying case. Great deal!

  11. Henry Loc

    High technology
    It is high technology and easy to use.

  12. ReBecca Z.

    Easiest way to measure anything!
    Great item! This makes measuring quick and accurate! It’s so small compared to a bulky tape measure! It is very ruggedly built kinda like the only flip work phone. If y’all are anything like me, I’ve probanly dropped it 20 times already and Thank goodness it has held up without a problem. My son in law has borrowed this several times already, I’m waiting for it to disappear !!!! All in all for the price, a great investment whether you’ll use it everyday or if only used occasionally.

  13. Tuffy

    DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M,…
    DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT/ 60M ,… DBPOWER

  14. Rich

    Five Stars
    Accurate and handier than tape measures

  15. Dysania

    Handy little gadget. Seems to be very accurate.

  16. Chris

    Works as described, very happy with it.
    Accurate and lightweight. It has some really cool and helpful features. It doesnt quite replace the good old fashioned measuring tape though,

  17. Alex B

    Five Stars
    Worked fine indoors – didn’t try outdoors, since it was bought as a gift to someone.

  18. Edward S Infald

    Accurate. Nice features but…..
    Nice product. Great features. Tried the same measurements several times. Came back within a few inches at close to 50 ft. The bad. It is hard to hold it steady, aim it then hit the measurement button. Button needs a little pressure which makes it wobble. Took me several attempts to get a reading trying to hold it steady. It is not easy to get a reading. When you do, it’s accurate. It’s awkward and takes 2 hands to perform the function. I give it 3 stars UPDATE: 08-21-18 The manufacturer was very responsive and was able to correct my issues with understanding its use. Excellent! 5 stars for great support and a nice product. Thanks!

  19. Jennifer Garcia Alvarez

  20. saied zweel

    Five Stars
    Wonderful does what he says


    Easy to use
    It could be thinner. Easy to use.

  22. Cesar Salem

    For new in this area its perfect
    For new in this area its perfect

  23. T. Lugar

    Made laying trim take 1/2 the time
    Got a chance to test this tool out over the weekend and it works great. I did a couple of tests with it at first to verify its accuracy by measuring the distance first with a tape measure and then verifying with this device and it was spot on. It really sped up the process of laying down trim this weekend. Would certainly recommend this tool and can vouch for it’s accuracy.

  24. BinneyBing

    Easy to figure out
    I’m not why everyone who reviews this is so confused. I’ve never used one before and picked up really quickly! It’s very accurate which I think is the most important part. Lightweight, compact. A+

  25. howard

    quick measurements
    I love this tool it makes it very easy to get quick measurements

  26. Jennifer torres

    Accurate and so much easier than traditional tape measure
    This takes accurate readings very easily. Especially nice when you don’t have someone to hold the other end of the tape for you.The directions could be better or a ‘how to’ video would help a great deal.

  27. Eva

    Very accurate.

  28. John Richards

    not accurate but great for quick referencing.
    accurate within 1 inch. one of my favorite tools

  29. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    good tool to use

  30. DYI devotee

    Very handy tool at a great price…
    I assume a professional would want something with a more powerful laser, Etc., but for a do-it-yourself type this thing is a huge time-saver. I use this thing for measuring furniture at the store, measuring the yard (have fences) for calculating fertilizer, centering pictures, and the like. I have tested it a number of times against tapes and it is plenty accurate. I am sure there are models with more features, but this has more than enough for my purposes.

  31. Stephen Rudolph

    Five Stars
    Cool tool.

  32. djconline

    Four Stars
    I haven’t tested the accuracy yet. I have played with it some and is within and 1/8.

  33. Cassius

    Very nice meter. Lightweight
    Very nice meter. Lightweight, distance as indicated. And the fact that the units are displayed in meters, feet and inches with the press of a button makes me contented. Still have to work with the stored memory function as it was not needed during my uses.

  34. R. Gustafson

    Good directions inside
    As my first laser range finder, I’m blown away. Good directions inside, will be getting this for some some other people

  35. Damian

    Five Stars
    Excelente producto, resta probarlo.

  36. Bushidokarate

    Great product
    Great product and easy to use. I’m happy with the product I re-ordered.

  37. Andre

    Five Stars
    Awesome product. Works great ad saves time and money that inaccurate measurements would cost you.

  38. ROBWW@2016

    Four Stars
    If had more/better instruction be 5 stars.

  39. James L. Franklin

    seems to work very well, but wish the instructions …
    seems to work very well, but wish the instructions were written by someone more familiar with English. Haven’t had much experience with it yet, but no real drawbacks to date.


    Intuitive and easy to use
    Purchased for use during our current basement remodel. Straight out of the box it has been a huge help. Intuitive and easy to use, it has already saved us time measuring and was well worth the purchase price.

  41. José Andrés Solano Chaves

    Five Stars

  42. Mr. Fernandez

    Very useful
    It’s a great product easy to use the manual helps figure out everything. Once you know what button does what is really easy. Measuraments are perfect. In a sunny day it’s kinda hard to see the laser dot an I wish the screen was a bit brighter other than that great product.

  43. butterball

    good but….
    The unit arrived in good shape and is easy to operate. However, It does not read in feet/inch fractions. For example: I would like it to read say, 5 feet 8 inches= screen would show: 5′ 8″ but it only reads in decimals and shows 5.5 feet would or 68.0 inches. Plus no fraction show on screen like: 1/2, 3/8, 11/16 inch. For the price it is a good deal but I would like the fraction function that other brands have for about the same price or a little bit more. This unit has many useful functions. It took a few tries to get readings for the long measurements like over 150 feet. perhaps due to the surfaces I was measuring?

  44. John N. Bedford

    Five Stars
    Eaay to measure with this tool

  45. Francie Wright

    Good value and nice to use
    I probably should give this 5 stars but I am still working with it. It is very compact and seems easy to use. It is the first one I have ever used and I may come back to update this. I like it, I will use it because it is easy, I just personally need to understand it more if that makes sense. However I do believe it is a good value for the quality and is why I decided to review it now because I would recommend it for someone looking for a reasonable one to use occasionally.

  46. amazon customer

    Product good but manual needs helpppppp
    Item came on time. It appears to function properly At $ 31And change Good buy .As I am now learning how to work the range finder my only issue is with the instruction book . This is like reading the KING JAMES BIBLE except its in Manderin ENGLISH. Verry hard to understand !!!!!!! The Chinese have made a good product here .So Trump don’t piss off our Chinese friends . by —HERB THE POWERMAN—

  47. MarkOfEarth

    unit stores data backwards, up to 20.
    This has both saved me a ton of time and frustrated me since I bought it. You should google the manual, as directions on paper are very poor translation. The manual you will likely find, though, will be off in at least one respect: THIS unit stores data backwards, up to 20. So to find the last two things you measured, you have to beep through 18 previous screens… it can be confusing if you’ve taken half a doze measurements before you go back to you plans. Also, I’ve not been able to just bulk erase those 20 screens… also a time waster. I get a lot of error messages on this (i.e., repeated no readings) at distances beyond 25′. I don’t have a surveyor’s tripod, but use a 2×2 with two diagonal struts at the bottom to steady it… not good enough. Finally, it seems to burn through batteries more quickly than you’d expect for a digital device. I mean less than 200 readings. I use rechargeable, but tried regular lithium last time time to see if that was the catch. Nope. I’m on here now, because I was thinking about just buying another product – but HEY! I just tried it inside for a dozen readings (up to 29 feet) and not problems, even with a quiver in my hand. I’m staying with 4 stars for now.

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