//DBPOWER USB C Charger with 60W Type-C Power Delivery 3.0 PD USB Wall Charger Adapter for Macbook Pro, Nintendo Switch, iPhone X/8/8Plus, Pixel C, Moto Z Samsung Mate Book and More

DBPOWER USB C Charger with 60W Type-C Power Delivery 3.0 PD USB Wall Charger Adapter for Macbook Pro, Nintendo Switch, iPhone X/8/8Plus, Pixel C, Moto Z Samsung Mate Book and More


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【Advanced USB-C Technology】: USB-C (Type-C) power delivery with USB Power Delivery 3.0(PPS QC2.0) enables fast and efficient charging of compatible devices. Charge all your USB-C devices at full max 60W speed.
【Ultra Fast Charging and Compatible】: With Type-C port charging USB devices,like new MacBook/Pro,Samsung Galaxy Note8/S8/Plus or Nexus 5X/6P ect at full speed. Fast charing iPhone X/8/8 Plus(at full 15W) when used original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable (Not Included).
【Portable Design】: The foldable plug and compact size ensure maximum portability wherever you go, whether it’s at home, the office or on travels.
【Safety Guaranteed】: This adapter is UL listed ,produce with Industry-grade materials and premium circuitry provide superior protection and safe charging so you can use it with peace of mind.
【Here’s What You Get】: 1 x USB-C power adapter, 1 x high-quality USB-C cable and 1 x user guide. As well as this, you also get our worry-free 18-month warranty and #1-rated friendly customer service.



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Advanced Charging Technology: USB-C Real Power Delivery 3.0
The fast, efficient charging of USB-C makes life easier when you only have a short amount of
time to charge your phone,Macbook or any other compatible device.

Ultra Powerful:
The USB-C slot on this charger pumps out 60 watts of power, providing incredibly fast charging of compatible devices up to 20V/3A.

Durable and Sleek design:
The robust textured exterior resists wear, scuffing, and scratching.
Premium internal components ensure optimum operation — even after being bumped around,
shoved in a bag, or dropped on the floor. What’s more, the power prongs are really compact
and designed to fold up when not in use, therefore taking up less space in your computer bag.

Certified Safe:
DBPOWER’S MultiProtect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
Made using industry-grade components and materials, it is UL-listed and CE-certified for complete safety and reliability.

Universal Compatibility:
With a USB type-C power delivery you can charge all compatible devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

Model: TA06A3
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
USB-C PD output: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 18V 3A, 20V 3A(PPS)
QC2.0 output : 5/9/12 3A max
Total power output: 60W

Never Worried Power Off When Games Coming

Power Delivery provides up to 60W of pure power—enough to charge even the most power-hungry USB devices at full-speed.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

With a USB type-C power delivery you can charge all of your USB-C devices, including HP Spectre computer, Macbook/Pro Google Pixel XL, Dell XPS13,ect.

Perfect Traveling Charger

Sleek design and foldable plug enhance portability, so you can take it anywhere, completely hassle-free.

Advanced USB-C Technology

USB-C and Power Delivery 3.0(PPS QC2.0) enable faster charging for more powerful devices-twice as fast as conventional charger.

Safe Charger

Made using industry-grade components and materials, it is UL-listed and CE-certified for complete safety and reliability.



14 reviews for DBPOWER USB C Charger with 60W Type-C Power Delivery 3.0 PD USB Wall Charger Adapter for Macbook Pro, Nintendo Switch, iPhone X/8/8Plus, Pixel C, Moto Z Samsung Mate Book and More

  1. Nadia H

    It gets the job of an emergency charger done beautifully.
    I needed a second charger for my 15″ MBP and this thing was perfect for the job. I don’t use it everyday, but when I do it gets me out of an emergency. The unit gets hot when I use it.. but since I do not use it every day, it is ok with me. The charge time is about the same as it is with the original one. One thing though- I wouldn’t leave this plugged in overnight. The heat I have felt it generate makes me worried it might not do so well with prolonged charges. Thankfully, you can get a decent charge in just a few minutes.

  2. Irving miner

    Looks a little different than pictured, is a soft touch material
    Looks a little different than pictured but feels like a great charger so far, will update later after using it

  3. Victor Lugo

    High quality charger, long & heavy duty cable; This is a set that will last
    I found the charger to be of extremely high quality. It’s not cheap feeling, it’s not lightweight. It’s got a nice heavier weight to it which gives me the impression that the manufacturer used high quality components and didn’t cut corners. I tend to be disappointed with included cables because they’re usually a cheap afterthought a seller includes to add perceived value to a product. Not in this case. Included is a nice long thick & heavy duty cable, made to last for probably the life of the product. If I dropped my laptop while this was plugged in, I wouldn’t be worried about the cable breaking — I’ll put it that way. The one negative is the packaging — it’s two-part. A cardboard box and wrapped around it is the label paper, card-stock thickness paper that displays the image, title, etc. That wraparound is wrapped too tightly or possibly glued together with the cardboard box that the only way to open the inside cardboard box is to rip the outside label paper.

  4. Fozzy Fozborne

    A good product overall with some missing advertising.
    I bought this as a cheaper alternative to the Lenovo Yoga 910 charger. The specs for OEM charger were 5V-3A or 9V-3A or 15V-3A or 20V-2.25A and 45W. The DBPpower supports 3A @ 5V, 9V. 12V, 15V, 18V, or 20V and 60W. (Btw, if you’re trying to figure out wattage you can just use V x I = W where V is voltage and I is current/amperage and W is watts.) Windows quotes charging time from 30%, 40%, 60% and 80% to full within a 1-3 minute variance when switching between chargers at each percentage. This also happily charges my Zenpad 3S Z500M tablet. Now for the negative side: the listing has ‘1 x high-quality USB-C cable’ and one picture with a black USB C cable but no additional details in the listing or the pictures. Searching the model number in the listing (TA06A3) doesn’t turn up anything on their website when looking at the manuals/support section but their sales page takes you to a listing that simply says the same ‘1 x high-quality USB-C cable’ and a different SKU which is B077NHCM6D which if you search for that takes you to a different listing with the same verbiage. By this point I gave up and ordered the cheapest USB C -> C cable I could find that listed it supported the wattage and spoiler alert: it comes with a black 1.8 meter (5.9 foot) USB C -> cable in the box. The manual that came with it also lists the fact that it’s 1.8 meters but good luck finding that out before ordering it.

  5. Lukins

    Charges well, Nice size for travel
    Works great for my Lenovo Yoga 720. Charges reasonably fast, and makes for a great second / backup charger or a small travel charger.

  6. Arpan J

    Faster than apple original charger
    I bought this for charging my Mac book pro – it feels fatser than my original apple charger and works great even with my pixel 2 xl and wifes s8 for fast charging. The only issue I faced is that this keeps coming out of wall socket, maybe the pins need to be designed better. I had to choose between this and Anker but the free usb c cable sealed it for me

  7. S.A.

    Works well so far. Much much cheaper than the apple alternative.
    Works well so far. Getting a yoga 920 in the coming weeks so will update for the higher power req. But currently using it to charge my V30 and friends’ S8s. Getting the same charge estimates as my qc3 and lg quick chargers. Slightly better than the included Samsung quick chargers. The cable it comes with is great. But I’m using my Anker powerline because it’s a nice braided cable. Not sure if mine is rated for 60w though so will prob switch to the included one when I get that. Mine doesn’t heat up. I’ll update as soon as I get the 920 and test it. If I haven’t updated this review it’s still working perfectly. Update: My Anker cable stopped working with just this brick (it’s weird, all my other cables still work fine with it and the Anker cable works fine on other 30 and 45W PD bricks). Been using this as my primary charger with the 920 and a 10ft cable rated for 100W. As someone else mentioned, this thing heats up quite a bit when charging laptops, significantly more so than the charger lenovo included. Still, it works fine and is way more convenient and slim.

  8. Victoria

    Five Stars
    Great second charger

  9. JackAllTrades

    Fits Essential PH1 phone
    Cord fits Essential PH1 phone and pretty sturdy. Lightning fast charging.

  10. A. Gordon

    Same quality and functionality as the Apple brand.
    Same quality and functionality as the Apple brand. In fact, this one is better because the cable detaches from the charger for easier storage and you have the ability to replace the cable if it gets damaged. Now I can keep one in my living room and one in my home office.

  11. LWags

    Came as described
    Works as described! Glad I was able to find a replacement charger that works and isn’t too expensive!

  12. Allison

    Works great, full charge in about a hour.
    Works great. Charges my phone fully in about a hour. Its cheaper than some at stores. I went to buy one for a back up and it was more expensive than this one. Light weight fits in a purse pocket/ go bag with no issues.

  13. Hangartnerfamily

    Fast charging!!
    This charger is seriously amazing! I plugged my phone in and within no time at all it was charged! I also had my computer in my car on a long road trip yesterday and used the outlet to plug it into my car and it charged my computer too! It’s nice bc it folds up and I can put in my computer bag. I will be buying another one for the hubby’s truck! Would recommend this charger for sure!!

  14. Texas Shopaholic

    Fast Charge for my S8+
    I just got an S8+ last month and wanted an extra charger to take with me to work so I ordered this one. I really do think the USB-C charges faster than the regular USB. I leave this charger plugged in next to my desk at work so I can easily charge my phone. If my phone is below 15% which is rare, it takes less than an hour to fully charge my phone with this fast charger. It was also cheaper than what my mobile carrier wanted to charge me for an extra charger and I think it works just as well as the brand one that came with my phone.

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