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DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Keyboard for Gaming, Office


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(74 customer reviews)
  • 104-key Gaming Keyboard, 19 Non-Conflict Keys, Removable Keycaps, Strengthened Space Key. Specially designed keys for enhanced durability and tactile feedback offers a professional gaming feeling.
  • 3 Colors LED Backlit. Cool LED backlighting on keyboard, 3 colors changeable breathing or permanent lighting mode. You can adjust backlit and breathing mode whatever you are playing game or working.
  • Easy to operate with a USB braided plug-and-play cable, no driver needed. Laser-carved characters, non-slip design, splashproof and durable
  • The user-friendly, ergonomic design makes this keyboard very comfortable to operate. Quick control can also be achieved via the multimedia shortcut key operations.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Mac OS.


Out of stock

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DBPOWER aims to build the high-quality, high-performance gaming keyboards.
1. DBPOWER 3-colors LED backlit gaming keyboard —- Whatever its appearance design, or its user experience, you will get a super-cool gaming keyboard. It’s also a great partner for work and gaming competitions.
2. The DBPOWER professional gaming keyboard is waterproof and splashproof. The 19 non-conflict keys can meet all typing & gaming requirements.
3. 3 adjustable LED backlights: red, purple and blue. Simply press the Backlight key to turn the LED backlight on or off. Press FN+ Backlight key to change the color of the LED backlight. Press FN+PG UP to increase LED backlight brightness and press FN+PG DN to decrease LED backlight brightness. Press FN+F1~F12 to unlock different function for each button.
4. Simple, looks great and is easy to operate. Just plug the USB cable into your computer, no driver required!
5. Fully injection-molded UV-coated keycaps and non-slip, lightweight design, give the player a comfortable feeling while operating.

Standard Keys: 104 Pcs
Fullinjection molded uv coated keycaps, 3adjustable LED backlights (red/purple/blue)
Interface: USB
Top cover: Plastic
Bottom shell material: ABS material
Cable: copper inner core
Product Weight: 799 g
Package Included:
1x Gaming Keyboard
1x User Manual Satisfaction

30-day Money-Back Guarantee
24-Month Warranty
Free User Support

Technical support:
If you experience any problem whilst using the gaming keyboard, please feel free to contact us through  Amazon or our Official website. We will do our best to help you to solve any problem.

74 reviews for DBPOWER Three Colors Backlit LED Keyboard for Gaming, Office

  1. Piper B.

    This was for my 15 yr old son. He loves it! Super easy to use! Lights work great and you can change them with ease. My son said it works better than most of the brands he has used in the past that cost two and three times more!

  2. glenn derman

    good value
    It works well and is a good buy. No probs after 5 mos. use. Display is not quite as brite as I would like.

  3. powerby50

    Looks and works great
    Looks and works great, the color choices are a nice touch.

  4. David

    Great Keyboard for the price
    Awesome compact rgb keyboard. Only three colors but that’s fine. Gets bright enough to see in the dark. No complaints.

  5. Brian Brick

    Nice light for at night .
    Some of the keys are a bit brighter than others . Great for the $$

  6. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful colors
    I love this. I use for gaming on my ps4 and it’s great!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great super keyboard. Love it it’s also sexy af.

  8. Andrew L. Foster

    Easy to use, easy to cycle between colors
    Keys are responsive, backlit colors are easy to cycle (or turn off). I’ve just started using it, but it appears to be a quality product for the price. I’m not using it for gaming; I bought it to use in low-light while my baby sleeps next to (or on) me.

  9. Jonathan A. Sheen

    Exactly what I needed!
    Backlighting works beautifully, and the keys have a great mechanical feel.

  10. nimr sleiman

    super product
    it is super fast response and very comfortable when typing, I not used to such pampering.

  11. Matthew Testa

    Four Stars
    I key was loose but everything else works great, my son loves it!

  12. zhen Z.

    It’s worth the price, but I replaced it with an actual mechanical keyboard. Keys are very mushy but that’s what you get for 20$.

  13. NVN8IV

    Cool keyboard!
    The kid LOVES this keyboard due mainly to the cool colors that he can change easily. The keyboard is like a typical keyboard, but has really great background, highlighted colors. It’s cool.

  14. Cody Simpson

    Works great
    Works great & lights up as advertised. Very easy to adjust brightness & change the colors. Only complaint is that the brightest setting isn’t super bright, but it has 5 brightness settings which is nice. Would definitely buy again.

  15. Mark Owens

    Great for low light work environments
    I bought it due to low light conditions in my work area, I’ve tried added lamps but the light just reflects off the keys. This was the perfect solution!

  16. Dan Williams

    Five Stars
    Perfect for working at night. Good quality and its priced right.

  17. beth


    Great keyboard for the price
    I can’t use the LED features because I work with Linux and it is not supported. Please release a linux driver!

  19. Joel

    It looks nice and fells nice
    I looks cool and it also fells very conferrable I recommend it.

  20. Joe C.

    No issues working with Windows 10.
    nice lit board for my night sessions on desktop.

  21. Karen K

    Great Customer support, nice keyboard (non-mechanical)
    I wanted a key board that wasn’t mechanical, yet was a gaming keyboard. I didn’t want to have to press down hard like sometimes you do on a mechanical keyboard. This works very nicely. The first one I got had a difficult entry key next to the keypad, I had to press really hard to actually enter anything when summing numbers. I contacted them for a return and had no problem exchanging it for a new one. I love how I can set the colors to how I want them. The key touch is perfect for me. Not to hard and not too soft My only issue is that sometimes the numlock key gets stuck on, and I have to unplug it and plug it back in to reset it. But I’m keeping this anyway because I don’t want to trouble the seller for a new one because to me that is a minor issue. I don’t often use it while playing my games anyway. And it doesn’t affect my gameplay. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 star is because of the Numlock key that gets stuck on.

  22. Carson Lee

    Great keyboard for the price
    Works as described and is quite nice to type on. Highly recommend.

  23. Steven

    Great service!
    I bought a dbpower keyboard last year, and it’s fantastic. This most recent one, however, is like it’s not even from the same company. Extremely uneven backlighting, and very dim. The customer service has been absolutely amazing. though. New keyboard sent right away. What great service!

  24. Sharon Steele-Tran

    Great price for keyboard
    Quick shipping. Came as described; well made. Changes colors and love the raised keys!

  25. Wade Jessee

    very nice
    Just what I needed to replace my old keyboard. Lit background helps in low light play area. can change colors. Fun little keyboard. No ergonomics but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

  26. Becca C

    Nice keyboard.
    I like how the keyboard looks. Typing feels nice. I think the raised keys will make it easy to clean. The only drawback is that I wish that the breathing light option would let you pick one color instead of cycling through all three.

  27. Smug

    Great product at a great price
    We play guild wars every night and need the lit keyboard to find numbers and letters assigned to our mounts etc. This keyboard is beautiful! Different colors and brightness for anytime through evening and into the night. (Pink is brighter than blue) I like everything about it and will be getting another one soon so we can both enjoy. Was delivered quickly too!

  28. Stephen C.

    Steal of a buy!
    What a quality product for such a reasonable price! Looks as sleek as suggested by the photos-

  29. Tyler Molloy

    Better for Office than Gaming
    This is perfect the the office setting I needed it for. It is quiet while doing a really good job at mimicking the keystroke response of a true mechanical keyboard. I don’t think anyone looking for a true gaming keyboard would mistake this for that, but if you need something to travel with or a back up it would be more than adequate.

  30. B-Side

    Awesome keyboard. Awesome price
    Great price. High quality. Very stylish and unique.

  31. Shannon Wunder

    Doing it’s job

  32. TL

    Nice keyboard when it works, Update theystood behind their product.
    Keyboard lasted less than one year before it stopped working. Trying to contact dbpower customer service has been an awful headache. you called their toll-free number you wait on hold for a few minutes and you are disconnected. Have tried contacting them through their contact us on the website and no response. Hoping they read this and decide to either refund me or replace the keyboard. UPDATE: DB Power contacted me and sent me a new keyboard no questions asked. They stood behind their product and am now updating the score.

  33. Declan McNamara

    it works
    does what it says on the tin

  34. Kunukia

    Escape key missing. Update!
    The below was my original review. I have been sent a new keyboard, complete with all the keys. For the price this keyboard works very well, and I give it 5 stars. Thanks to Ted at DBPOWER for arranging the new keyboard. “Not in box, not in wrapping. totally missing. I had to move another key that I rarely use there. Not happy with that. Otherwise it seems to work.

  35. Amazon Customer

    Great keyboard
    I like the lights!

  36. Amazon Customer

    great customer service
    had difficulty with the space bar sticking, but excellent customer service to remedy the problem

  37. Scott

    Nice keyboard with a few caveats
    I really like the feel of the keys and the response of them, so that’s nice. The ability to change the backlighting is cool. There are a couple of ergonomic issues with this keyboard though that would be easy to fix. The height/angle brackets on the bottom are too small, they don’t elevate it enough, as a result I’m constantly hitting the keys on the lower row with my hands as I type, this results in me hitting the 2 Ctrl keys, the Windows key, and the color change key quite a few times a day inadvertently. Right now I have the keyboard propped up on 2 sticky-note pads to get the proper elevation on it. The only other thing I would like to see is the ability to create LED lighting effects on the keyboard, ie “breathing”, etc.

  38. Scott

    Great value for entry mechanical
    I have had this for a few months and use it everyday at work. There is no better value for a mechanical keyboard! Love the LED lights. Definitely recommend!

  39. Gideon T. Scott

    Very happy with my purchase
    Arrived on time, works perfectly & looks great! Thank you for the hassle free experience & quality product

  40. Janet Oshri

    That it works great
    I like it very much since it’s not thin and makes it easy to type

  41. MikeV

    Please With DBPOWER Keyboard so Far
    I recently purchased this keyboard on Amazon for $22 after review dozens of mechanical keyboards. This isn’t mechanical, but it has the look, feel, and action of mechanical and is QUIET compared to mechanical. Last thing I need is the wife bellyaching about the keyboard being too loud. Reason for originally looking for a mechnical was that the prior backlit keyboard (not mechanical) keys had worn off. Too early to tell if the same thing will happen with this, but the description said UV coated ABS plastic, so hopefully I will get some more life out of it than the prior keyboard. The other reason I purchased this backlit DBPOWER keyboard, beside price and potential for longer key life and low noise, was that it has only 3 solid colors: Red, Blue, and Purple. I can’t stand the rainbow LED crap and just about everything on Amazon in backlit is rainbow.. or if it was available in solid color it had a negative review as far as the keys wearing off. At night and in the dark, the colors are fine and you can see the keys clearly. During the day, the bottom row of keys are brighter than the upper rows but who gives a sh*t.. it’s daytime so I can read the keys. Plus, there is a seperate key to change colors or turn the backlight off. There are some FN+ keypress functions to get effects like beathing color…. but how stupid is that? All I want to get from a backlit keyboard is the ability to see the keys in the dark and the rare possiblity that I might want to change from blue to red, or possibly purple. Nuff said on that. Anyway, for $22, I don’t think you can go wrong with this product. If the keys wear out in a few months like the last one, then I guess i will have to step up to a true mechanical keyboard with laser engraved key letters and some type of key face protection.. for $60 to $120. Hoping to avoid that, since I don’t like the click and clack of mechanicals! Ciao! :-)

  42. Santiago Hernandez

    Short and sweet
    Great quality for such an AMAZING price.

  43. momo .

    best keyboard ive ever had

  44. Joshua Brent Lewis

    Four Stars
    Pretty good feeling keyboard for the price.

  45. Frank R. Gonzalez

    Four Stars
    nice first time on a full size keyboard and I picked a good one to start with

  46. Amazon Customer

    Great keyboard
    I like that this keyboard changes colors. It types nicely. I have had this keyboard for months, and I have not had any problems with it.

  47. james Dionizio

    Good keyboard for low light areas
    Good keyboard the backlights are a great for low light farming area of my house smooth button compression I would buy it again. Wish the breathing option was for individual colors and not cycle through the 3 colors

  48. Craig Taylor

    and love the led lights
    BIG fan of this keyboard both for gaming, and my at home work. Keys are responsive, spaced apart perfectly, and love the led lights. Big fan!

  49. Robert Wade

    most important is their company stands behind their equipment.
    My husband bought this keyboard for me because my eyesight is not as good as it used to be and having the light behind the keys is wonderful at night! I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD!!! I know I only use half of what it’s meant to be used for since my only “gaming” is solitaire, but I am a champ at solitaire! Had a question for customer service and they were fast, knowledgeable, and very understanding for this Nanny of 4 and one on the way! I have had it for several months with no problems and hope to have it for years to come, if not I know who to contact with no doubt they can help me out A1 equipment with A1 customer service.

  50. RC SuperFreak

    second one was fine, original one the tab button would stick making …
    had to return one, second one was fine, original one the tab button would stick making the computer unusable.

  51. Geek Family

    I am a cat and love colorful things. I get a kick out of all the colors this keyboard has ( only three but still). It’s a small keyboard because it has no border but it’s functional. It’s a great keyboard for the price.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Man cave must
    Nice quality keyboard

  53. C. Engelmann

    Great product! Fast shipping!

  54. josh

  55. bhags16

    Works great
    Works perfectly. I love the different colors you can set the keys to. I’m very satisfied with this product.

  56. J. Males

    This is a great keyboard. We’ve purchased 2 of them
    This is a great keyboard. We’ve purchased 2 of them. I’m sure as gaming keyboards go, it may not be top of the line, but if you’re looking for a great feeling keyboard that simulates a gaming keyboard, this fits perfectly.

  57. Barney Calhoun

    Five Stars
    Works as described, not much else to say.

  58. Elton

    Nice keyboard
    For the $15 price tag this was a great deal on prime day. Well worth the price.

  59. Omar Maragh

    brightest keyboard I’ve owned
    Good keyboard, works great

  60. Alejandra Quezada

    It works great
    easy to change colors! Perfect for typing in dim light

  61. Amazon Customer

    I love my keyboard
    I love my keyboard. I use my computer at night mostly and the back light helps out a ton. I don’t really have any negative thing to say about the keyboard itself. I do wish I could have found a matching gaming mouse, but that’s about it.

  62. Gerald V

    This keyboard was a bargain…
    Good feeling key board… Still getting used to the tactile feeling of the keys… Not a gamer but love the touch of the keys. Back lighting could be brighter. Otherwise nice keyboard. The price was certainly right!!!

  63. Dave in Houston

    LOVE IT!
    Got this keyboard for a bargain on Prime Day. LOVE IT !! Very bare bones, nice lighting and it is very easy to clean between the keys

  64. Brett

    It is a cheaper keyboard so don’t expect much but its great for everyday use
    Had the keyboard for about 16 months now and still going strong. It is a cheaper keyboard so don’t expect much but its great for everyday use.

  65. Bettina A. Requena Capote

    Great keyboard!
    Great keyboard, love the colors, very comfortable to type in

  66. Customer J

    Five Stars
    Good keyboard for the price and the RGB lighting is pretty cool, especially at night.

  67. Christopher Sabatini

    Best affordable keyboard.
    This keyboard is really good! It has the satifying sounds of a keyboard and is beutiful to look at. The colors are really good, and it is the perfect weight at length.

  68. S. Rose

    This is the best I have had the pleasure of owning
    Have used lots of keyboards and some back-lit. This is the best I have had the pleasure of owning. I am not a gamer, so it might be different for them. Considering buying a spare before this review sells them out.

  69. Jason

    Try to make it not to loud
    The only thing I did not like was that It was loud, But everything else was good

  70. TIM B

    stylish very cool looking. Love the braided usb wire
    Modern, stylish very cool looking. Love the braided usb wire.

  71. Wonky

    Which key is the ‘any’ key?
    I bought this for everyday use in a room with reduced lighting. I am not a gamer. You plug in the USB and it works. No software required. It will default to the color red but pressing the * (bottom row – not asterisk) key changes the color or turns it off completely. The blue color is quite nice. The brightness falls off a little towards the backspace key and the function keys but it is good enough for me. It is not difficult to type on. If you have high requirements for a keyboard then spend more. For the price I am completely satisfied.

  72. Estelin Matos Feliz

    Complete satisfaction
    As good as spected

  73. Mike Pryor

    Works well but be careful with keys sticking.
    This is a pretty basic keyboard. The lighting is pretty nice, Have had some issues with keys getting “stuck” sending signals longer than being pressed. Kept getting kicked out of a game the other night because the Windows key was “stuck” as enabled even though it physically showed no signs of being pressed.

  74. Darren5

    Fine product
    Works fine. No problems so far

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