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DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode For Beginners, Big Size Black for Outdoor Use


(33 customer reviews)
  • HIGH-DEFINITION WIFI-REAL TRANSMISSION FOR INCREADIBLE IMAGES: Now you are in total control and take photos and video you like with the drone. It capture it all 720p HD camera, Real-time sharing to the social network so that friends can feel pleasure.
  • 720P HD CAMERA, RECORD WONDERFUL MOMENTS: Let drone be your eyes, record the wonderful moments life. With sky prespective, View more beautiful image, restore true color. Shocking panoramic view when travel, party, or sports.
  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING IT: Thanks to the headless mode, control of this drone is easy and you do not need to worry about the direction of the drone when flying it. You’ll have total control for a straightforward flying experience.
  • BONUS BATTERY TO DOUBLE YOUR FLYING TIME: Equipped with two large-capacity batteries which can last up to 18 minutes on a full charge, giving a longer flying time than compared to the industry average flight time of 6.5 minutes.
  • DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS OR KIDS, EVEN THE NOVICE CAN EASY TO MASTER: Headless mode, low power and out of range alarm, so functional design, suitable for novice operation.
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Advanced Features


Let drone be your eyes, record the wonderful moments life.


Equipped with two batteries which can last up to 18 minutes on a full charge.


With headless mode you don’t need to tell the orientation of the drone during the flight.


The control distanse is 80-100M, and the WIFI FPV transmission distance is 50-60 meters.

​What You Get:

1* U842 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with Camera
1* 2.4GHz Controller
2* 1000mAh LiPo Batteries
1* USB Battery Charger
4* Spare Propellers
1* User Manual

Charging time: 150 mins
Flying time: 6-9 mins
Transmitter Operation Range: about 50-80 meters
Video Transmission Range: about 30 meters

Important Tips:
1. Suitable for pilots aged 14 years or older (please follow the instruction manual carefully)
2. This quadcopter has powerful, ultra-responsive motors. Don’t push the throttle up hard directly. Adjust the throttle slowly to avoid damage caused by loss of control
3. The motors and circuit board may heat up with use. Take a 10-minute cool-down break between flights to ensure your parts last as long as possible
4. To avoid being burnt up the USB Charger, it should be used under currents input 0.5A
5. The weight of the quadcopter is less than 0.5lb, so no FAA registration is required
FPV Tips:
1. Fly the drone within 30 Meters Video Control Range;
2. Close the other APPs on your phone, allow the drone APP to run more fluently;

The real time images on the APP may freeze or twist, but the recorded videos which saved in the TF card and your smartphone are fluent, please don’t worry.

33 reviews for DBPOWER Predator U842 WIFI RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode For Beginners, Big Size Black for Outdoor Use

  1. James cox

  2. Bao Thach Lam

    Very Good
    Balance,good price, high quality

  3. Debra Zambito

    Great family fun
    The drone is great family fun.. my husband snuck out the night we got it to play with it without kids :) .. The only downside is the side protective rails come off fairly easy

  4. Clarissa Sims

    A little hard to fly
    Got this for my sons birthday good product just a little difficult to fly in wind.

  5. Sk Sk

    he has real good control now and does flips and what not
    The guards broke but this is a fighter. My son has learned to fly through this. he has real good control now and does flips and what not. FPV camera view is not the best. Its taken some abuse and still going after several months.

  6. tommy

    A lot of fun
    very Good

  7. JMB

    Not good
    ***UPDATE**** Customer service contacted me. even though I was past the return mark, they still worked with me for me to be satisfied. Thank you for reaching out to me. Changing my review to 4 stars. Great Customer service. I got this for my husband for Christmas,2017. He has literally only tried flying it 3 times…he just said there has to be something wrong with it. It shouldn’t be that hard to fly….it just takes off….unfortunately it’s passed the return date

  8. Jose Maldonado

  9. BostonSox

    Great value as a starter drone and decent imagery
    Quite happy with this. Definitely helps to have the multiple battery packs (I got some additional ones). I fly with my 6 year old and we are still trying to get the hang of it. Got it stuck very high in a tree (have found a large open field to fly this since then). Couldn’t retrieve till we had the right equipment to reach that high. It rained for a full day. Recovered it, and it was still working (after change of battery pack)

  10. Tina

    It’s a good, fun product!
    My grandson and his father has a great time with this product. Still working and in good condition. Bought at Christmas 2017. Lots of fun and bonding.

  11. KB

    very satisfied with purchase
    Did a lot of research on this drone, very satisfied with purchase. Very easy to fly, 15 min batter life, and takes great pictures!

  12. John M. Keating

    The capabilities are amazing. It can detect when winds are too strong …
    The capabilities are amazing. It can detect when winds are too strong to use it, plus many other great features.

  13. John Trahan

    I enjoyed it while I had it
    I enjoyed it while I had it, unfortunately lost it in some trees and was never able to find it.

  14. Pejo

    Fun and good value.
    Pretty good value for the price, very hard to fly as a newbie without a WIDE open area.

  15. Jennifer Pace

    Four Stars
    Bought as a Christmas present for my husband and he LOVES it!!

  16. Scott Murdock

    and easy enough as a beginner drone
    Gave it to my brother for Xmas. He uses it a lot, and easy enough as a beginner drone, he has taught his 7 y.o. Daughter to fly it. Great ivideo once downloaded too.

  17. Henry Charles Wiedefeld

    Very fun, my son loves flying this. Controls are a little difficult.

  18. Mike A.

    Five Stars
    Pretty good drone, my kid loves it. Takes some time to learn to control it though.

  19. Pamela Elliott

    Four Stars
    Great drone! Only bad thing is battery runs out very quickly.

  20. JRG

    Awesome Drone!
    if you are going to get a drone for beginners – get this one! I love it – camera isn’t the greatest but the drone is super fun to fly. Two modes, one for easy flying and one for a bit more control – advanced flying. Battery charge lasts about 6 min. That’s the only reason I gave it four stars – because it takes a good hour to charge the battery. Definitely buy extra batteries.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Enjoy having fun

  22. John Shepherd

    Five Stars
    Powerful and video capable drone.

  23. Samuel

    I bought this drone for my best friend’s son birthday
    I bought this drone for my best friend’s son birthday, he loves it, he told me this is the best birthday gift ever. This drone is very easy to setup and control, can take nice video and pictures. The best thing is have 2 batteries, means more time to fly. Highly recommend.

  24. Arvin

    Great Drone
    This is a really amazing drone from DBPOWER. It comes with many different stuff like extra batteries, four spare prop and even a SD card. The camera of this drone is really good, it’s 720p camera that is a HD camera! The two batteries can last up to 18 minutes when fully charged. The good thing is that the maximum range for the drone and able to control it with you r controller is 80m-100m. It got this mode call headless mode were you don’t need the orientation of the drone.

  25. Rob C

    Awesome value !
    Great drone ! Very easy to fly! Wish the batteries lasted longer !

  26. GRADE-A-Reviews

    Good value drone
    Works as advertised, some problems initially but I was able to resolve it. Not a bad flyer and all the features work

  27. Amazon Customer

    Good Buy
    It is durable and easy to fly. The battery does not last long or does it stay in. A few times the battery has came out of the holder on the bottom. Have not tried the video camera on it, just getting used to flying it first. First time ever owning a drone so there is a learning curve.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Fun and affordable starter drone. Don’t expect amazing images or long battery life.
    Great beginner drone. If you’ve never flown a drone before this a great place to start. Its affordable, and if you totally screw up, at least you haven’t lost too much. The camera is not amazing but gives you some decent pictures and ok video. The camera is not on a swivel so any video that you may record is going to be shaky. In general its just fun to fly. It goes quite high and I’ve even crashed mine into a tree about 30 feet off the ground. Luckily I was able to retrieve it without any real damage to the the drone. The battery life is extremely short as expected so you will definitely want to have both batteries charged and ready to go when you bring it out to fly. If you get to the point where you start trying the flips be advised you’ll really have to give it some power immediately after the flip because its going to start falling extremely fast. All in all, its a great affordable starter drone that you won’t hate yourself for more than a day after if you ruin it or loose it on top of a roof.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    Easy to use for a beginner . I enjoy so much using this handy drone

  30. jeremy cerdas vargas

    Easy to use
    Perfect :)

  31. leonce kabela

    Five Stars
    Great drone

  32. Hozefa Basrai

    Great starter drone to help you get accustomed to the …
    Very well priced for the value it provides. Great starter drone to help you get accustomed to the controls, flying patterns, and components of being a drone pilot. Camera is actually pretty great and speed rivals many higher end drones in the market. Customer support is great and the drone has all the features you would want out of a starter flying machine. Great product, great price, great brand!

  33. bj molly

    Keep the guards on until you are an experience pilot, just saying.
    We have fun with the drone, works well, responds well. We had to remove the guards to get any real flying time. It’s a perfect drone for beginners and it even does flips once you know how to use it. Two batteries is awesome, pics are awesome. Well worth the money that it cost and is very durable.

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