//DBPOWER Portable Mini 12V Tire Inflator, Auto Air Compressor for Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles and Inflatables

DBPOWER Portable Mini 12V Tire Inflator, Auto Air Compressor for Cars, Bikes, Motorcycles and Inflatables


【VERSATILE AND USEFUL】 This mini-sized DBPOWER tire inflator is a very useful tool to have in your car or garage. It’s so compact then it can be held in your hand. Designed to inflate tires for cars, bikes and motorcycles, it can be use with an array of other inflatables thanks to the 3 nozzle adaptors included. It’s a great companion to have with you on the road, on a trip, or vacation.
【EASY AND FAST TO USE】 It may be compact, but it is not lacking in inflation power! It will inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0-35 psi in 10 minutes. You may be thinking this is not that fast, but considering this pump can fit in the palm of your hand, it’s a pretty impressive speed. Simply plug into a car cigarette lighter socket, start inflating and manually turn off the compressor once the desired pressure has been reached.
【COMPACT SIZE FOR EASY STORAGE】 One of the best benefits of this tire pump has to be its size. Designed small and light, it can easily be held with one hand. This makes it great to use for inflating smaller items such as sports balls. It really doesn’t take up any space at all and can easily be stored in places such as a glovebox or under a car seat.
【LONGER POWER CORD】 The charging cable is 3m long enabling you to reach all four car tires of even longer model cars without difficulties! Don’t be inconvenienced or annoyed again by those inferior air pumps that can barely reach the back tires!
【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】 All customers are backed by our 12-month “No Questions Asked” warranty. Tech support and professional customer service are available should you have any problems.



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– NOT suitable for RV, ATV, pickup and truck tires.

– Do not exceed the stable working pressure of 35PSI.

– Start the engine before plugging in the power cord.

– The product only can be used on DC 12V power source, it can’t be used on AC 110V, AC 220V, DC 24V, DC 36V.

– The tire inflator should not be used longer than any 10-minute period.

– Please allow the unit to cool down for at least 15 minutes after each use.

The DBPOWER mini tire inflator was designed to be compact and very portable for your convenience. Inflating vehicle tires and other inflatable products such as a balls, is a breeze.

A Must-Have for Every Car Owner

Every car owner should have an air compressor in their car. Not only does this offer peace of mind against getting a flat tire, but it also allows you to regularly check your tire pressure. Driving with the correct tire pressures ensures fuel-efficiency, as well as protecting the tires against premature or uneven wear. Never be stranded by a flat tire again!

Accurate Built-in Tire Pressure Gauge

As previously mentioned, regularly inspecting tire pressure is very important for several reasons; safe driving, fuel-efficiency and tire wear etc. The accurate tire pressure gauge in the DBPOWER mini tire inflator prevents you from over- or under-inflating your tires.

Product Specification

Power input: DC 12V

Working current: 4A

Working voltage: 11V-14V

Stable working pressure: 0-35psi

Continuous working time: 10 mins


Question: Can someone tell me if the air hose is long enough to reach the back tires on a full size suv?
Answer: Most newer cars have a “plug in” – in the back seat or the back of the rig – so then it would reach. If you don’t have one then you could measure and see.


Question: I have to run the car engine to get this to work. Am I doing something wrong?
Answer: Check your car’s owner’s manual. On some cars the accessory ports such as a cigarette lighter, may not have power with the ignition off.


Question: Does this plug into a wall outlet?
Answer: No it does not. Just too the car cigarette outlet


Question: Is it rechargeable ?
Answer: No



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