DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Temprature Sensor, Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System, up to 1,000ft Extended Range, Always Connected to Your Baby


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TWO-WAY, TALK-BACK INTERCOM: The system allows you to hear, distract and soothe your newborn from any room with the built-in intercom system on the portable parent unit.
TEMPERATURE SENSOR: The temperature is displayed on the parent and baby units 3-10 seconds after powering on. If the climate in your baby’s room changes, you can adjust the temperature to make your baby less restless.
LONG OPERATING RANGE: The enhanced 2.4 GHz digitized and encrypted transmission system ensures privacy and security, providing clear audio transmission for up to 1,000ft (300m) unobstructed range.
ALWAYS CONNECTED TO YOUR BABY: The parent unit will alert you when your monitor is out of range or low power, thus making sure you are always connected to your baby.
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY OPERATED PARENT UNIT: The DBPOWER Sound Baby Monitor features a rechargeable wireless parent unit so you can do other tasks such as chores and housework or take a nap in your room.

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DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Temprature Sensor, Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System, up to 1,000ft Extended Range, Always Connected to Your Baby 1Taking good care of newborns and toddlers is not always easy. This DBPOWER digital baby monitor utilizes 2.4GHz technology to ensure your transmission is protected against interference and eavesdropping. Plus, it features a two-way, talk-back intercom and up to 1,000 feet working range (unobstructed), you can communicate and soothe your child from anywhere in your home.

Reliable & Secure Connection to your Baby
2.4GHz technology provides low interference & high privacy
Perfect clear sound due to digitized and encrypted transmission system
Constantly changing display indicate if the baby makes a noise
Beep alert always helps you to ensure your monitor is in range and connected
Comforting lullabies to calm your little one
Lock / Unlock button for extra peace
Page/Find function fits baby as well as elder
Temperature sensor to monitor the baby room climate

Freedom and flexibility
Range up to 1,000ft in open areas
3 supplied rechargeable batteries for parent unit
Instant dim mode for a peaceful night
Belt clips for carrying while doing chores or working, camping or travel

In the Box:
1*Baby unit
1*Parent unit
2*AC adapters
1* Rechargeable batteries (Pack of 3)
User manual (English & German)

30 reviews for DBPOWER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Temprature Sensor, Two-way and Talk-back Intercom System, up to 1,000ft Extended Range, Always Connected to Your Baby

  1. Scharlett Griffin

    Good buy
    For safety purposes I use the monitor to stay connected to my mother who is 87 and sleeps on another floor level in the house. This works well. I would recommend this product.

  2. Claudia

    Encantada con el producto!

  3. Stephanie

    Works great, good price
    Great baby monitor

  4. Johnny

    LOVE it!!!
    Love it

  5. I-like-stuff

    Great monitor.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Doesn’t pick up soft noises
    Great for a older baby. Does not pick up movement sounds or small noises. Has to be a large noise to activate. Other than that, it’s great.

  7. Lauren Noriega

    … bought this for our camping trip and it worked great. No issues and battery lasted all week
    I bought this for our camping trip and it worked great. No issues and battery lasted all week. I used at most 4 hours/day for 5 days.

  8. Devin Dickinson

    Four Stars
    Good sound quality but I wish thE cord were longer, very limited in where I can place them.

  9. adavikolanupani

    Clear audio, needs volume adjustment sometimes
    Works as reported. Two way communication possible. Good battery life (the rechargeable one). We live in a pretty small house and range worked well for us.

  10. Amanda Turner

    Great product
    I love that the unit lights upand comes alive only when there is high enough decibel sound so you aren’t wasting battery life. I use this in combination with a security camera rather than having a separate video baby monitor. It doesn’t pick up my white noise machine or box fan as long as I have it an adequate distance away. This is also great for travel where you don’t have the video monitor.

  11. Breanna Cloud

    Five Stars
    These work really well and are super affordable. I highly recommend them!

  12. Brittany Williamson

    Works well but way too bright in child’s room.
    Works well. Is only in Celcius. Very very bright though. Too much for child’s room and I had to put tape over that screen to dim it. Edited to add: customer service contacted me and helped me with the issue. The customer service for this product is above and beyond and they take your satisfaction seriously.

  13. Katie O.

    Good as long as your baby doesn’t have a breathing or heart rate monitor.
    This is good as long as your baby doesn’t have a breathing or heart rate monitor. This is a good monitor as long as you are not relying on it picking up small sounds like cooing or a monitoring device you may have on the baby. It will certainly pick up crying or other loud sounds perfectly fine.

  14. Toni Bortell

    Has a good range
    I purchase these to replace my dinasaur baby monitors so that we could hear the grand babies when the spend the night if we step outside. It’s decent quality….a little technical for my husband to figure out. He was used to the ones from our children who were simply plug and play, no walkie talkie option or any of this fancy stuff as he says, lol. Over all I am pleased with this purchase.

  15. Daniel Kane

    Good range. One of the few you can find …
    Good range .One of the few you can find with batteries if desired. ON /OFF a little quirky.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Love these! Bought these for my daughter and her …
    Love these! Bought these for my daughter and her husband to use on for my newborn grandchild. They are awesome and I highly recommend. Seller ships fast!!

  17. Chappie19

    One Star
    No rechargeable batteries for parent unit were included as indicated.

  18. notashamed87

    Simple and easy to use!
    This baby monitor is simple, and that’s my favorite part about it! Easy to use. It works as it should – can hear fine through the parent’s device. It has the ability to play music on the baby’s device if you choose (set up from the baby’s device or remotely from the parent’s device), or speak to the baby from the parent’s device. It’s nice to have the extra features.

  19. Whitney

    I love that it has a talk button so if he …
    We bought this monitor to keep an ear out for our 4 year old son after moving his bedroom down to the bottom level of our home because of adding another child to our family. There’s no background static or fuzzy noise and it is very sensitive to his movements and talking. I love that it has a talk button so if he just has a simple question for me I can talk to him through the monitor without having to get up and go all the way down there multiple times. We thought of doing walkie talkies but with those there’s loud buttons and ring tones and this way using this monitor it’s quiet for sleep time and a great way to check in.

  20. Alison Peterson

    Like that it lights up when there is noise
    Very small but very well made. Have withstood falls off dressers. Battery life is very long with these. Like that it lights up when there is noise. I also like the 2 way talk feature. I can try to calm baby back to sleep when he starts fussing without going in the room.

  21. Ashley

    Audio is a little hard to hear, but good monitor for the price!
    This is a decent baby monitor for the price. I like that it has a belt clip and can run on AAA batteries and also can be plugged into an outlet. That’s a nice feature if you’re like me and forget to keep extra batteries in the house! It’s very lightweight. The only negative for me is that the audio isn’t quite as loud as I would prefer. But that may just be a personal preference. It works well if the house is quiet and there’s nothing else going on.

  22. Flash007

    Flawless performance
    These little walkie talkies have slowly become one of our best baby purchases. I’m not sure why baby monitors are pure crap but we spent over $300 on a Samsung with all the bells and whistles. 6 months later the power port literally fell out of the housing. I decided to get a nest cam for the video and this item for the audio. This duo has worked perfectly. Great range, Noise detection and they are rechargeable, although only one comes with rechargeable batteries. The only puzzling thing is that there appears to be two versions. One has a temperature monitor and one does not. They are also visually different. The one I have looks like the advertised units. If you look at some of the pics from the customers that talk about temperature, theirs are different. It would be nice if this disparity was explained….

  23. Daniel R

    Five Stars
    This unit works great! I would recomend to anyone that needs a monitor.THANKS!

  24. C

    Exactly as described
    Worked beautifully

  25. Brandy Powers

    Five Stars
    Monitors work great!

  26. Jodi Nelson

    Awesome product!
    I absolutely love these monitors. The sound is great and not staticky at all.

  27. Katie Cunningham

    Strong signal
    These work really well. Our other baby monitors lose the signal – the baby’s room is down the hall from us but for whatever reason the signal goes in and out. This set works great.

  28. Ann P

    Two way talk is great
    Worked as it should right from the box. Sound is clear, and works at quite a distance. Love the two way talk for quick reassuring communication until I get to the other room. Came with batteries, always a plus!

  29. Leslie Turner

    Five Stars
    There are a great value. Work great!

  30. susan

    Four Stars
    Need to be relative close by.

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