DBPOWER 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame – Upgraded Digital Photo Frame with (16:9) HD IPS Display, Photo/Music/Video Player/Calendar/Clock/Auto-On/Off Timer, Advertising Player with Remote

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  • SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY: See your memorable photos in brilliant detail with 1024×600 high pixel density IPS screen. And a 16:9 aspect ratio is good for video usually called widescreen with beautiful clarity from a 180°wide viewing angle. This digital photo frame can adjust your photos’ orientation automatically.
  • UNIQUE INTERFACE: A-Frame/ A MP4/ A Video Player/ A Calendar/A Album/ A Setting In One. Easy to manage the digital frame’s intuitive interface software. DBPOWER ‘s frame is a great gift for our grandparents who may be less tech-savvy.
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY: No required setup and wifi needed, just plug in the electrical power cable, then insert a USB stick or SD card and the images/videos/ music start displaying in a looping slideshow immediately in 60 seconds, comes with an intuitive remote control to quick response. USB drives, MMC, SD, MS, SDHC (up to 32Gb) supported (Non-WiFi).
  • COMPACT SIZE: The 7-inch digital photo frame is the perfect size ( 7 1/2” x 5 1/2”) for a small room or office. Whatever is placed on a desk or mounted on the wall, the digital frame is easily seen photo details without taking up too much space.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY & LIFE SUPPORT: 1-Year Warranty and Lifetime Service and Technical Support to ensure you a 100% satisfied buying experience. Never worry about its life – Money Back or Replacement for Free, Try it risk-free NOW!

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The DBPOWER Brand is a well-known, experienced digital photo frames brand with expertise in research & development, sales, and #1 after-sales service.

1. Supports JPG/JPEG/BMP picture formats; support image scaling, automatic playback support for multiple effects, and background music playback

2. Supports video and audio files, including MP3

3. System parameters can be set

4. Supports a variety of cards including MMC/SDHC card(up to 32GB)

5. Supports a variety of USB disks and other USB devices, up to 32GB

6. Remote control (included)

7. Built-in calendar and clock

8. Supports earphone/headphone playback

9. Input: AC 100-240V: Output: DC 5V 1-1.5A

DBPOWER 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame - Upgraded Digital Photo Frame with (16:9) HD IPS Display, Photo/Music/Video Player/Calendar/Clock/Auto-On/Off Timer, Advertising Player with Remote 3

Warm Tips:

  • 1. The default photo ratios of the different size digital photo frames are as follows: 7-inch/16:9. Please first convert them to the corresponding ratio to achieve an optimum viewing experience.
  • 2. When a USB flash drive or SD card is inserted at the same time, the corresponding icon will appear in the upper left concer, and the USB flash driver or SD card can be selected by using the up or down button. If only one of either is inserted, this icon will not be displayed in the upper left corcer.
  • 3. This device does not support image files other than JPG/JPEG/BMP. The best image resolution in JPG formats for the different size digital photo frames are as follows: 7-inch:1024*600
  • 4. This model doesn’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity, so all of your photos will have to be moved over using an SD card or USB storage device (up to 32GB)
  • 5. Input: AC 100-240V: Output: DC 5V 1-1.5A
  • 6. The DBPOWER is backed up by a lifetime technical support and 1-year money-back or replacement after sales service.

9 reviews for DBPOWER 7 Inch Digital Picture Frame – Upgraded Digital Photo Frame with (16:9) HD IPS Display, Photo/Music/Video Player/Calendar/Clock/Auto-On/Off Timer, Advertising Player with Remote

  1. Rog

    Bright pictures and clear sound. Very clear pics with screen size options. It uses both SD cards and USB and mini USB to play pictures and sound from.
    Plugs directly to outlet so no charging needed. Many options for display ide times and different slide types such as spiral, overlapped and many more.

  2. rayac

    The user interface on this picture frame is very intuitive, very simple to use. It has a remote control as well as a simple set of buttons on the back. The picture quality is great, the sound is not fantastic, but that should not be expected from this device and the sound is not necessary to use the frame. The packaging was excellent and the instructions are easy to understand. I’m happy to have this frame because I’m so bad at getting them printed out and even when I print them, they get put in a box. Now, I can load them and actually get to see them easily without dragging out a box or big book from the shelf.

  3. Tierrasanta

    I was looking for an inexpensive frame with great picture quality to show off some family photos. This frame displays photos from a USB stick (you copy the photos to the stick from a laptop or computer with a USB port), and the internal software/menu system on the frame is very versatile. You can control the time each photo is displayed, as well as the start and stop clock times for it to automatically display the photos (among many other settings). You can customize a lot of the settings on the frame, and this can be accomplished with the included remote control. All in all, I am very happy with the product and would buy it again. It came well-packed and worked right out of the box with no issues. And, as a bonus, the seller will ship you a USB stick for free when you fill out the warranty information online. That was a very nice gesture.
    review imagereview image

  4. BizzaroChris

    The screen is bright and crisp with no signs of dead pixels, right out of the box. Takes about 2 minutes to set up, very easy with very few steps.
    there are controls for brightness, contrast and color, of you feel the need to adjust any, but the default settings look good to me, so I left them the way they were.
    the remote is responsive, no delay on button pressing and the frame responds well to the remote.

    there are settings for displaying only the picture, or a combination of the calendar/photos and you can choose side your want to place the clock, or not display it at all and just enjoy your pictures.

    overall, a great little product!

  5. Vik

    It’s a digital picture frame, nothing more, nothing less.

    It works best for pictures slideshow, would work for videos but i recommend muting the audio.
    It’s light weight, good looking and only needs the power cord to work.

    It’s pretty cool, I never owned a digital picture frame before, it’s quite convenient.

    Comes with a little remote control which is nice looking and works well.

    Attached u can see video of all the settings and options the item offers and a couple of pictures

  6. Angelique

    This is my first digital photo frame and I like that it came very well packaged with a very easy to understand instruction manual. Setting it up was simple and easy to do just like setting up a digital TV when using the remote. I like the remote, it makes it really easy to use and change functionality. The photos I had on a flash drive looked great, I did a video showing the photos and clarity and great color. I like that it can play background music with the slideshow if you want and it can also play videos as well as serve as a calendar. I really like this digital photo frame and highly recommend it.

  7. Lance

    The display quality is great! Images and video look excellent on this frame. There are many useful features in the settings menu such as a calendar and automatically powering on/off. Great frame, especially for the price!

  8. John E.

    Now playing in my living room all the photographs I had forgotten!!
    This DB Digital Photo Frame is very user friendly & loaded with features that are usually only offered in units that are much more expensive. It really is Plug & Play, as no complicated setup is needed. The unit accepts the most common digital storage devices and the on-screen settings allow you to choose which folder/storage device to play along with all the photo frame modes & functions. I particularly like the wireless remote, which duplicates the buttons on the back of the photo frame, but is much easier to use as the screen is visible when making settings choices. The resolution of this DB Digital Photo frame screen was so good it encouraged me to “brush the dust off” & collate all the many digital photos stored on memory cards / USB drives and then create slide shows. Considering the overall compact size of the DB Digital photo Frame, the sound quality is excellent, and apart from adding music or narration to the slide shows, it could be just used for playing music. The calendar and time screen is very handy and I leave it on that function all day. To summarize this DB Power Digital Photo Frame is worth every penny of its low price point and would make a great gift idea for the coming Holidays.—John E.

  9. JayHump

    I’ve always wanted a digital photo frame. I think it is the best modern way to display your photos. It has very good resolution for the photos and videos. The set up is easy, only needing to plug in the power supply and stand. It has a cool feature that allows you to play music with your photos if wanted. I wouldn’t do it all the time but for showing it off to people I would. It allows for an auto shut off and power on which I believe is probably the best feature. It is a good product for what you pay for.

    Edit: I figured out a way to have the image displayed on the whole screen. You have to convert the image to a 16:9 ratio and that’s for each image you want displayed. Its tedious but it gets the job done.—JayHump

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