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DBPOWER 500A Peak 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster, Portable Phone Charger with Smart Charging Port, Compass & LCD Screen and LED Flashlight, for Engines up to 3L Gas and 2.5L D


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  • POWERFUL & COMPACT: Jump start your vehicle (up to 3L gas or 2.5L diesel engine) up to 20 times with 400 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables. Compact enough to store in your glovebox
  • SMART CHARGING PORT: With 12000mAh capacity and smart USB port, it can full charge your laptops (include 8 in 1 laptop adapters in the package), smartphones, tablets, and other devices at the fastest speed possible.
  • NEW-ADDED LCD SCREEN & COMPASS: The new-added LCD screen can exactly show the remaining power. The compass can help you find your way home when get lost in the wild.
  • PROTECTION: The high quality and spray gold clamps has over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection.
  • WHAT YOU GET: DBPOWER Jump Starter DJS60, jump cables, 12V wall charger, 12V car charger, use guide, our fan-favorite 3-year warranty and friendly customer service.


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A must have for every car!
Make sure you and your loved ones can get home when stranded. With 500A peak start currency and the advanced intelligent jumper clamps, this jump starter can safely jump start 3L Gas or 2.5L Diesel engine up to 20 times on a single charge.Powerful LED Light
It has 3 modes LED light (high, strobe and SOS), It’s an emergency life saver when you go camping, picnic, outdoor adventure or investigation.

Faster & Smarter Battery Charger
It equipped with a 2.4A USB Output and a smart USB port, with 12000mAh capacity, you can charge your cellphones, tablets, kindles etc. at the fastest speed. You can also use it to charge your laptop with 8 in 1 laptop adapters (included in the package).

Compass & LCD Screen
The compass on the surface helps you find your way home when get lost in the wild. The LCD screen shows exactly the remaining power and output voltage, which helps you make better use of the power.

Convenient Package & Ultra Compact
The unit is supplied in a fabulous quality semi-hard case featured also a yellow wrist carry strap, which is small enough to store in your glovebox and light enough to pack in your bag.

1. Don’t jump start any engine that exceed the maximum displacement the unit can bear, or it will cause serous damages to the unit.
2. Your jump starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If less than 25% charged, it may not be able to start your engine.
3. Don’t connect the positive and negative polarity together when it’s power on.
3. Don’t connect the positive and negative polarity together when it’s power on. Don’t crank the engine for more than 4 seconds. Allow the jump starter to cool down for at least 30 seconds after each jump-start.
4. Read the instruction carefully before using.

44 reviews for DBPOWER 500A Peak 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Auto Battery Booster, Portable Phone Charger with Smart Charging Port, Compass & LCD Screen and LED Flashlight, for Engines up to 3L Gas and 2.5L D

  1. Aaron McMillan

    Nice design
    Nice looking/designed product that hasn’t been used yet!

  2. Bret L Tavcar

    Assures peace of mind
    Need to have a starter in case the battery goes dead. Even with a new battery in the car, between extreme cold and hot weather, leaving devices attached in the car that drain the battery, having a backup to starting the car is a must have

  3. Amazon Customer

    Well Constructed product.
    This unit has the feel of a quality product. Charging it was simple.

  4. Marcos

    So far working the way it should and beyond
    This litter product is amazing, i put to the limit, i took the battery off my car and try to start my car without the battery in it, and bing it starts the car right up.

  5. Scott McElhiney

    ridiculously useful. I’ve had the big jump boxes and we …
    These things are ridiculous… ridiculously useful. I’ve had the big jump boxes and we have a couple of those in the shop my students use, but these take up so little space you can just toss one under a seat or keep it in your trunk. I have jumped a bunch of people’s car with them as I play Pokemon Go in parks a lot and apparently a lot of people like to sit in their cars for hours listening to the radio and end up with a dead battery. Rolling through after work, I jumped 5 people’s cars in a week at a local park that had hoods up and people trying to unsuccessfully jump them with garbage jumper cables that had too high of a voltage drop and not enough output. Had to jump my own car off after letting it sit for a week and not realizing that my video camera hadn’t turned off and drained the battery dead. Highly recommend. You can also use it as a battery bank, but having it sitting there ready for an emergency is the whole point.

  6. Betty Ann Chontos

    Five Stars
    This is great, worth every penny!

  7. Cubanaloca

    A must have
    Started my car right away. No messy long cables or needing another car. Great to keep in my teenagers car

  8. Easy B

    Jumps POS Mower
    I have a POS husqvarna riding mower that won’t hold a charge so I bought this jump kit for that. Works great. I have not used for any other purpose yet but it seems like I won’t have issues with it. Comes with attachment cables to hook to car battery, plug into wall or car to charge, mini USB plug and some other attachments in a hardshell nylon case.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Excellent device and works well

  10. Kevin

    Well worth the money
    The day I received this in the mail I was able to put it to use. It took about 6hours for the first initial charge to 100 percent. I jumped a 3.0L 6 cylinder twice that day, about 3 hours apart from each other, and it only used 3% of the charge. Also used on my Harley street glide without a problem. Its very compact and comes in a nice case.

  11. Leslie from Aurora

    Started right up!
    We’ve only used this once starting my mom’s Lexus, but it worked like a charm!

  12. Joseph Cunanan

    Originally one star but good customer service
    I initially rated this product a one star due to how easily it broke by dropping it a few feet onto the ground. The product also couldn’t start my car before then anyway. I think I may have received a defective product but the company gave me a replacement at no charge and I received it very quickly. I wanted to wait a little over a month to make sure the product functioned. This one works as it should, although I am still concerned on how easily it broke so I am now changing my review of this product 4 stars due to the great customer service.

  13. Onder Secen

    Five Stars
    works well, we used it several times and it was able to start the minivan

  14. George

    Time saver
    Time saver… got an appointment you don’t want to miss waiting for AAA this is a must have. Only once it did not jump my car … because I had jumped mine and others and not charged it in months and it got down to 22%/ It did jump the car at 65%/

  15. John Wenzelburger

    well made starter or power bank
    works as described used them to start a dead Kia Sole they did not start the car right away but after about 15 sec it did start.

  16. george

    Very powerful.
    Best product.Works very well.Jump started my car in a second.

  17. Amazon Customer

    it’s holding a good charge and accessories for any configuration you can throw …
    Haven’t had to use it yet, but it seems very well built, it’s holding a good charge and accessories for any configuration you can throw at it.

  18. Memery

    So easy to use…no men required!
    This charger works awesome! Our car battery is so unreliable! It’s so annoying when I go to get in my car and can’t because of a dead battery! We were camping last year when our battery died and a guy pulled up and had one of these in his truck and had us going in no time. After that I knew we needed one! My mom bought us this for Christmas per my request and it works awesome! I have had to use it several times to jump start my suburban and I can’t tell you how nice it is that I don’t have to bug my husband, neighbor, or stranger to get my car going! Easy enough for even us girls to use! Love it!

  19. Serious User

    It really works!
    I purchased the DBPower jump starter at the end of 2017 in preparation for the winter. I didn’t have a need to use it until today. A contractor left the lights on in his E Series van and wound up with a dead battery. I gave him a jump with my DBPower battery and his van started right up. I had charged it in early February, and when I pulled it out, it still had 97% charge. Great product.

  20. krafter

    Highly recommend.
    Bought in January. Still holding 100% charge. Can travel with confidence that I won’t be stranded because of car battery.

  21. Robbyg

    No more carrying around bulky jumper cables!
    Work perfectly! I finally got to use this the other day when a fellow motorist got stuck in a underground garage with a dead battery. It worked like a charm and started his vehicle with ease. Best part was that it still had 96% battery life remaining! I travel with this all the time and only recharge it when the battery gets down to around 30%. Do not keep these at full charge all the time or you will shorten the life of the batteries inside it.

  22. Brandon Haden

    Works fine
    Works just a lot bulkier than expected.

  23. Nick B

    It comes with a very nice case that easily fits all of the plugs and …
    I recently received a DJS60 Jump Starter as a birthday gift. I’ve been very impressed with it so far, it is much smaller than I expected and it seems to be solidly built. It comes with a very nice case that easily fits all of the plugs and accessories. One of the additional perks that I wasn’t expecting was the power cord output with a wide variety of tip sizes. Using this I can also use this jump starter to charge my laptop or nearly any other device that I could plug in.

  24. Awesome Squared

    Great product
    Trust me, you need this in your life! Keeps a charge for a long time. Has come in so handy! Make sure it is strong enough for your car.

  25. Bobwash

    Not just for car jumping
    Now you can charge a variety of electronic devices in an emergency. Very compactt and super easy to use. I suggest marking your calender every 3-4 months to check the charge.Great product!!

  26. Talie

    Five Stars
    Use it all the time

  27. Nancy

    great product
    We had our first chance to use this product yesterday and it worked great! Giving one to our daughter before she goes away for college. instructions are easy and clear. Gives us peace of mind.

  28. amanda arnold

    Five Stars
    Pretty powerful for being so small and will save you in a pinch a must-have for boaters!

  29. Stan C

    Works Great!
    Wise tool to keep with you. My wife received one as demo/tester for a review. I left my door open in the garage one night and the device worked like a charm. Some complaints say it does not work on their car… check the engine size. My boss had a red one and started three vans one cold morning. Perfect!

  30. Festiggio

    Great battery in moderate climates
    The specs state the conditions this is to be operated in. I love in ND and needed an alternative way to make sure I’m not stuck with a dead battery in winter. It starts my 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L just fine from dead. In fact it starts it better than a traditional jump had at times. There’s is a caveat though.. The engine capacity is not so relevant as much as your starter current, the ambient temp, and the relative ease your engine starts normally. This thing worked so well at first I bought another for my wife. When her battery failed one day, I guided her via phone on how to hook up this device. It wad unable to start her 3.5L engine at that time but the ambient temp was -30. I had a few similar experiences, and wha I learned wad this. The output amperage is diminished when the battery temp drops below the specified temperature range. If possible, take the battery itself to warm for 10-15 minutes and that alone will help with that potential. I had issues with charging via 12v adapter. The battery display showed a charge increase of ~1% every 30-40 seconds. I thought it was a defective unit, but charging later from 110v showed the battery was functional. Pros: Portable Includes everything you might need to charge your car, laptop, and the battery itself as well as a hard case Able to start engines bigger than stated in most conditions Has built in light to see work area or signal help Cons: 12v adapter is useless as far as I’m concerned Compass is just a gimmick. Not even relative close to correct so don’t rely on it for navigation unless you’re standing more than 50 ft from anything metallic or electronics. Overall, I’m glad I bought these. They’ve allowed me to put off replacing a failing battery for at least one season and I’d recommend these to everyone I know. I’ll be surprising my folks with one too.

  31. Kyle Robert Mcgaw

    Keeps a Charge and Gives Good Charge
    Within the first month, I used it to jump start my Honda Element. Then I left it in the back of my car. 3 months later, I opened it up to jump start a co-worker’s SUV, and it worked again, without even having to re-charge the charger !

  32. Jackson

    Works well. Good buy.

  33. Terrill Wilson

    Four Stars
    Fast shipping and product was well pack…..

  34. BOB

    I would recommend it to anyone
    I had repeated car battery problems. Car would not start. Battery had to be replaced. But, before I did that, this mighty but very compact portable car battery jumper did the trick. I would recommend it to anyone. It will also charge a cellphone, has a light, a compass, and has a readout showing the % of power remaining.

  35. Tayler Fields

    So far so good! It seems well built
    So far so good! It seems well built, not cheap looking at all! Bought it for my grandmother who has be having trouble with her battery on her car. (its a ford Flex that has really bad door sensors so the battery dies have it sets for to long! Hope this helps her!

  36. JLD

    It is nice and portable
    It has worked as promised 5 times on one charge so far. It is nice and portable.

  37. buko

    This is an excellent piece for a preparedness kit in any car
    This is an excellent piece for a preparedness kit in any car. I nostly use it for the powerbank. quick charging and powerful. It comes with so many attachments, its excellent for camping trips and good quality. I have not jumped my car with it yet so cannot verify if that is any good. But im happy with my purchase and the product.

  38. Ultramag

    Easy to use
    Great product. I really like how compact it is and the ease of use.

  39. Ratana Johnston

    Five Stars
    Works well

  40. Vinit Gandhi

    This is a great peace of mind in Minnesota winter
    Very well made product. It holds power for very long time once it is charged. This is a great peace of mind in Minnesota winter. Very simple and convenient. No long jumper cables. No waiting for another car or service person to arrive. It can juice up your laptop and all other USB devices.

  41. Mac

    It’s ability to hold a charge has been fantastic. I keep it in my saddlebag on my …
    Outstanding so far, but have yet to try it on a jump start. It’s ability to hold a charge has been fantastic. I keep it in my saddlebag on my motorcycle just in case, so there for phone charging and emergencies.

  42. Comrade

    Can’t believe it has so much utility for such a low price!
    A really impressive swiss-army-kife-like product. I have used it 6 or 7 times between charges to jump-start my totally dead-battery cars over the course of 3 months and only then did it show 13% remaining power. Charges quickly and comes with all of the attachments you’ll need. I bought this to power my daughter’s Casio keyboard when she plays street gigs, and it works well and adds the emergency jump start capability that sole-use music battery packs don’t provide. I did have one issue where I pulled the adapter out of the piano before turning the unit or the keyboard off, and it went dead and wouldn’t reset until I plugged it into the outlet for a couple of seconds. Just be aware of that if this is how you’re planning on using it. Turn off the power on both devices first! The case is really nice, but I wish the manufacturer would have made it slightly larger (not thicker, maybe thinner and longer) to accommodate all of the accessories that have to go in a certain way to fit, but that’s a small complaint. Overall I love it! Beats the heck out of jump-starting your car with another car!

  43. Adil

    And battery life is awesome on 1 charge i’ve at least can jump the …
    So far this jumper saved me dozens of times not only me but others too when they asked for a battery jump. I’ve used it on my Lexus RX 330 which 3.3 liters engine and worked perfectly. Jumped right away with no delays. And battery life is awesome on 1 charge i’ve at least can jump the car 10-13 times.Plus the flashlight very useful too and also the USB charger. will give these guys 5 stars they earned it.


    Five Stars

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