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DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 3.0L Gas/2.0L Diesel Engine), Auto Battery Booster, Potable Phone Charger with QC3.0, Type-C Output, LED Flashlight with 3 Modes


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【Compact Size and Light Weight】: 5.7*3.15*0.94 inches and 320g. As large as an iPhone 6 plus. Easily fits in your glovebox.
【Emergency Life Saver】: 500A peak current is able to jump start your vehicle (motorcycle, RV, tractor, light-duty trucks, cargo vans, ATVs, snowmobiles, oil boat, etc) up to 3.0L gas engine or 2.0L diesel engine.
【Quick Charge 3.0】: Besides 10800mAh capacity and a normal 5V/2.1A USB output, this jump starter is also equipped with a quick charge 3.0 output, which can charge compatible devices 4 time faster than normal portable charger.
【USB Type C Port】: The jump starter comes with an advanced USB Type C input/output to be charged or charge other devices.
【Ultimate Safety Protection】: The high quality and spray gold clamps with a built-in protection circuit provides over-current protection, short circuit protection, over-load protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection. Provide ultimate protection for your safety.



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An Emergency Life Saver
A must have for every driver. No need to waiting for the RAC or ask for help from a stranger. Make sure you and loved ones can get home smoothly when stranded.Specification
Capacity: 10800mAh/39.96Wh
Output voltage: 12V
Dimension: 5.7*3.15*0.94 inches
Dual USB Outputs: QC3.0 and 5V/2.1A
Input: USB Type C 5V/3A
Starting Current: 250A
Peak Current: 500A
Operation Temperature Range: -25℃-60℃

Power Capacity
Start gas engine up to 3.0L, diesel engine up to 2.0L
Get the fastest charging speed possible

Ultra compact
As small as iPhone 7 plus
Easily fits in your glovebox

What You Get:
◘ 1x DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter
◘ 1x Jumper Cables Set
◘ 1x User Manual
◘ 1x USB Type C Cable
(NO adapter, universal USB adapter compatible)

59 reviews for DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 3.0L Gas/2.0L Diesel Engine), Auto Battery Booster, Potable Phone Charger with QC3.0, Type-C Output, LED Flashlight with 3 Modes

  1. I like it

    Extremely useful product
    Woke up one morning went to start my car for work absolutely nothing! car refuse to start! Got online went on Amazon and researched “Portable car jump starter” and read the comments for a lot of similar products. What made the DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter standout was its price, options I desired, Amazon reviews and last but not least it is very portable/convenient. Placed order, delivery came On time great service from Amazon Seller UNICSTAR. PLEASE READ MANUAL FOR PROPER OPERATION. Popped open the car hood connected the DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter… I was able to start my car on the first try! Excellent product highly recommend.

  2. Luis Santos

    Thumbs up!
    Very impressed. I’ve had a few days off and enjoyed some well earned rest. My battery had completely drained , due to a loose contact while driving. My DBPower jump starter arrived as a same day delivery via Amazon. Simple instructions , foolproof setup. My Corolla started right up on the first attempt . This tech is light and compact. I stored it under my seat, no fuss!

  3. Roxanne

    Powerful, compact and convenient for a great price!
    This product is compact, powerful and very reasonably priced. This came in handy for my husband that rides a motorcycle. It fit easily in his saddlebag and jump started a couple of his friend’s bikes as well as charge his phone when no electricity was available

  4. TJLDC

    Amazing Charger!
    It was exactly as described and I was able to get my car started on the first try! I am so happy I bought this charger. It also going to work with my other electronics as a charger too!

  5. Mark E. Ginsberg

    Great value
    charges quickly works really well and is a great value

  6. dave michaelson

    Compact, and worked great on my 2017 Subaru Outback!

  7. Wowee

    Saved me
    My car was parked for over 6 months and the battery was dead. I did NOT expect this tiny thing to work but it started the car right up. Incredible. Really love having it as a backup battery for my phone too.

  8. D. Tran

    Great product
    Extremely useful product with multiple functions

  9. Shane

    Good product
    Nice packaging. Product working as expected

  10. Amazon Customer

    nice product
    So far I haven’t yet used for Jump start, but used for Mobile Recharge. working well. satisfied with the product.

  11. Marc

    Perfect size and power
    Purchased this power pack for my jetski in case of any problems I might encounter while out on the ocean. Also love that I can charge my phone via usb cable and that it has a light. The size of this jump pack is perfect compared to others that are a little more bulky. I have placed mine in a water proof box that easily fits in the jetskis compartment. Good thing is that I can also use it in my vehicle if ever the need arises. Haven’t needed to jump anything but I have used it to charge up a couple phones and tablets.

  12. Alex

    Does what it’s supposed to …
    Great product! Works as directed! Only had it for a week, used it once, but no issues so far …

  13. Eric Huang

    product looks nice & durable
    product looks nice & durable. USB Charge is a little slow for charging mobile device

  14. chohee kwak

    Great value
    I haven’t had the chance to use it to jump the car but it is a great phone charger for now.

  15. Huan Nguyen

    my power juice
    So far, I like this product because it is not only help to jump start my vehicle. I use to charge my cell and my kid’s tablet in a long trip road vacation.

  16. W. Davis

    Great little product
    So far so good, no problem at all.

  17. Mr. Hiep H. Tran

  18. Amazon Customer

    Very Handy!
    Great price! I love the compact design of the power supply and the versatility of use. I wish there was a better way to store the jumper cable attachment.

  19. Tom Robinson

    Battery Booster
    I use it for electronics and keep it in the car for emergencies

  20. Tawnyg

    On time delivery, great product
    My battery died on my 6 cylinder camry and this started it immediately, right out of the box! Great purchase, small, convenient, powerful.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Amazing product, saved my car!
    This product works!! I left my 2006 Infinity in my house over the summer for 3 month. When I came back, the battery was completely dead. I bought this battery pack in hope of not towing my car out of the garage. Make sure you charge it full, then remember to press on the button on the jumper cable for 3 seconds. Then let the magic happen! I would definitely recommend this product to other people. It saves me a lot time and trouble. Also, if you have the new version of MacBook, this battery pack has USB C charging port. What a great product!!!!

  22. Danielle Strollo

    Great QC 3.0 phone charger with awesome ability to jump start a car
    I had a dead Hyundai Elantra, and ordered this to help jump the car. It worked easily and amazingly, immediately jumping the vehicle. On top of this, it has 3 separate methods for charging electronics as a power bank – a USB-C slot, QC 3.0, and a 5V 2.1A charger. I used the QC 3.0 charger with my phone and it recognized the battery as a fast charger and started to charge quickly. The battery is the size of my phone and about 2 or 3 times the weight. It would easily fit in a backpack or purse, and should hold about 3 full charges for a phone.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    Works great for my small car.

  24. Erez A.

    Doesn’t work
    Great customer service!!! I bought 2 units, I had a problem with it and all was solved very quickly to my full satisfaction by the company customer service.

  25. Ben Gotow

    Get the newer DBPOWER 600A instead!
    I purchased this in December 2017 charged it, played with it a bit, and used it to jump start my car twice. I needed it again this week and it wouldn’t hold a charge. (When I plugged it in it showed one flashing dot for a very long time (12+ hours), and then eventually jumped to showing all four dots, but as soon as I unplug it it fails to turn on.). I talked to DBPOWER and they sent me the newer DBPOWER 600A as a replacement device for free, which has worked flawlessly and has a much better hardware design. I’d say the new one is definitely worth the price increase over this model.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Fantastic product, exactly as described, thanks

  27. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    so far so good!

  28. Marvin T

    Five Stars
    This item is a lifesaver! It even started my Nissan Titan V-8!

  29. Spiro

    good. i like it
    real work! good. i like it. my motorcycle turn on!

  30. Customer

    Small price to pay for peace of mind
    I ordered one of these for myself and ended up loaning it to a friend when their battery died. I was skeptical that something so small and seemingly easy to use would actually work. But it did! My friend’s battery started right up! The directions were easy to follow, well written. Because of that, I also ordered one for my son’s vehicle so he can carry it in his car.

  31. Tommy

    Edit: Bella provided me with the best support and resolved my issue!
    After two years of owning a jump starter from DBPOWER that I purchased in 2016 and only using it three times to jump start my car, it no longer holds charge. It is still under warranty for one more year, so I contacted DBPOWER and they are trying to avoid granting my warranty by making me perform unnecessary tasks so they can “debug” what the problem is. Justin, a representative from DBPower instructed me to “try different chargers” and to let the Jump Starter charge IN MY CAR WHILE DRIVING til it is fully charge which would take over 24 hours of driving (which I did on a trip to Vegas and back)! After that they want me to provide them with video footage to help them “debug further”. The customer support by DBPOWER is absolutely AWFUL! THEY WILL NOT GRANT YOUR WARRANTY and will make you spend so much time and effort that trying to RMA the item will cost you more than what you initially purchased it for. If you purchase this Jump Starter, expect to throw away $90 out the door because it stops holding charge after two years AND DBPOWER will NOT grant your warranty, instead they will try to stall as much as they can to AVOID granting the warranty. Here is the original listing for this same jump starter that I purchased: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D42U0VO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 DO NOT PURCHASE FROM DBPOWER! THEY WILL NOT GRANT YOUR WARRANTY! EDIT: Bella was kind enough to provide the best customer support and sent me a replacement. Out of all the other customer representatives out there, Bella was awesome! She was the only one that helped!

  32. Angeline Aquino

    A very important device
    This is truly a lifesaver! My daughter’s jeep won’t start all of a sudden. We were having a problem since my car is parked in front of hers and there’s no way that we can jumpstart from mine. I remembered that I bought her and her sister this awesome device since they are both out on college. First time to use it and in a jiffy, her jeep was in running condition. Who would need a man or waiting for your insurance to respond if you have the DBPOWER jump starter? Highly recommended!

  33. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Looks great, works as advertised. I could start my 2.4L car without any problem.

  34. Armando

    Five Stars
    I have used this a dozen times since I bought it and it has worked every time.

  35. Warmy Lam

    Five Stars
    A perfect gift with affordable price.

  36. carrie

    Five Stars
    works well

  37. T. Youngjohn

    Don’t forget there are 3 (three) buttons to push. …
    Don’t forget there are 3 (three) buttons to push. And, if your battery is fully drained, cycle it 13 times (like ten minutes of charging), with a non-blinking green light, and THEN try starting your vehicle! This product works!

  38. Shopper

    Small Neat Peace of Mind
    Hope it works if I need it. Peace of Mind

  39. winy

    Thia not only xan uae it as a portable jump …
    Thia not only xan uae it as a portable jump start, it also work as a phone charger and have flash light attached

  40. S. Singh

    Love the Jump starter but sad to loose charging cable in 3 months.
    I like the charger. I have used it couple of times to start my Acura and it started every time in one shot. The only gripe I have is that the charging cable is not standard micro usb charger so it can be lost easily and will be hard to find extra. It would be so good if they had standard microusb charging port. Oh BTW, Caution/Note: You need 3A charger for it which is not included in the box. So that might be extra expense and sometimes hard to find.

  41. G. C. Back

    Going to buy another one.
    No more dead batteries! Yea!

  42. Shelbi L

    Love this little lifesaver!

  43. morganmom

    Five Stars
    love this easy to use and works like a charm

  44. Wilson Bradley

    Great Customer service
    Customer Service is in tops. Note: make sure you have enough juice to turn your size Engine. Note the amp hours and your engine size.

  45. Alan R.

    Five Stars
    Awesome Car Jump Starter.

  46. kindle fan

    This little device work very wells and very portable which …
    This little device work very wells and very portable which is a big plus. It did not come with wall plug adapter but is not a problem as I can use my tablet charger with the included USB-C cable to charge it overnight. I jump start my car which is a 3.0L with no problem.

  47. Kam14

    Excellent charger/jumper
    I bought this for my wife and she uses it a lot. In addition to charging her phone, she has used it for jump starting several times. I also own a DBPower jumper (600A) and both have been excellent purchases. I keep mine under my car seat but this version is more portable so my wife can take it with her if she thinks her phone will need a boost.

  48. Michael Fassbender

    It really works. Awesome Product
    I do not write a review until I actually use a product. Yesterday was the 1st day I had an opportunity to try the portable jump starter and with that said is did in fact jump the car. I have been reading reviews of some portable jump starters and want to give out some advice to anyone that will take it. Advice: If the car has an alarm and the battery is dead you might not get the car to start right up. The portable jumper should in fact set off the alarm. If and when that is the case please use the key-chain remote to unlock the doors and disable the alarm. Now the car will start. What I really like about this product more so than others is the little boost button.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Was Disappointed…Not Now!
    I was really disappointed in my experience with this product. It didn’t work so I sent it back. DBPOWER customer service reached out to me recently and sent me the updated model at no charge. Love the new model. Thanks for going above and beyond to make a customer happy.

  50. azm1

    Bought for motorcycle but starts 4.7 liter – V8 Jeep
    Bought for motorcycle but starts 4.7 liter – V8 Jeep

  51. arturo

    Need it for winter.
    Nice to have it. Especially in winter time. I used it twice in different cars last winter. I had a good deal. I recommend it

  52. CaptainJR.Bunny

    Great buy
    Bought for dad as a gift. He loves it. He’s jumped of a 99 Chrysler 300 and 96 Dodge Ram. He’s got my uncles wanting one now :)

  53. hugo goncalves

    Five Stars
    very good

  54. WOOlyMamyth

    Five Stars
    So far so good. Been able to start many cars.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Great deal great price
    Nice compact portable size long lasting charge I used it twice to jump my Subaru Forester and we had a power outage around the same time and I was still able to fully charge my wife’s and my phones and tablets twice before we had to recharge it

  56. Shaun

    super long battery life
    Charges my devices exactly as I expected, super long battery life. Going to try jump starting a vehicle with it today. I think it should work.

  57. James R. Hershman

    Two Stars
    worked well….wish cables were a little longer

  58. Leonid Aaron Dolbir

    Lots of power in a small body (smaller then 2.5 inch hard drive)
    This is an awesome portable quick charger for your phone and it will also “crank” most engines. I got this for my teenage driver. Having this device in his car gives me sense of additional security and him no excuse not to call due to the “dead phone”. It has a quick charge 3.0 output and works as fast as the charger that came with the phone. It holds a charge very well. Even if you are not using it for a long time it still is capable of starting your car. First time I tried it I could not believe my eyes. Definitely worth the investment.DBPOWER 500A 10800mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 3.0L Gas/ 2.0L Diesel Engine), Auto Power Pack Battery Booster, Power Bank Phone Charger with QC3.0, Type-C Output, LED Flashlight with 3 Modes

  59. R. Smith

    … start my Honda Accord 4 cylinder and it worked perfect. I charged this portable battery for 3 hours …
    I bought this to start my Honda Accord 4 cylinder and it worked perfect. I charged this portable battery for 3 hours and started my car without any problem. Will update if my device becomes defective. The packaging of this product is awesome, and the product feels very high quality.

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