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DBPOWER 2400 Lumen Projector, Upgraded T22 LCD Video Projector Support 1080P with Free HDMI Cable Compatible with TV Stick Laptop PC iPhone iPad Smartphone for Multimedia Home Cinema Theater-White


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  • BRIGHTER AND CLEARER IMAGES: The DBPOWER T20 projector has been the best sellers on Amazon for a long time. To meet the latest consumer demands, we have developed the T22 model. It’s 70% brighter than most other 2400-lumen LED projectors, making it your NO.1 choice for home entertainment, watching movies, playing video games, viewing photos and more.
  • AMAZING VIEWING EXPERIENCE: The DBPOWER T22 has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and supports 1080P and 720P resolutions, with an 800*480 native resolution. Aspect ratios of 4:3 & 16:9 boast a display size of 30 to 176 inches at a projection distance of 1.1 to 5m. It’s been built to last too, with a lifespan of over 10 years.
  • IMPROVED BUILT-IN SPEAKER AND LONG-LIFE LAMP: This portable projector is equipped with a newly released speaker system to make the sound 50% louder than traditional ones, meaning no external speaker is needed in normal sized rooms. In addition, the advanced LED lamp has a lifespan of least 50,000 hours.
  • VERSATILE MULTIMEDIA: This home projector is compatible with TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, ChromeBook, PCs, laptops, tablets, Blue-ray DVD players, SD cards, USB flash drive, media players (Music, Pictures, Video, TXT), iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones (External Wi-Fi dongle is needed to connect with smartphones).
  • LEADING WARRANTY & SERVICE: A 3-YEAR warranty with professional customer service & technical support is supplied. We do NOT recommended it for PPT or business presentations.


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• 70% brighter than the others & mini design

Thanks to upgraded LED source technology,
DBPOWER T22 mini projector can bring you 70% brighter image than other LED projectors.

2400 lumens and 1000:1 contrast ratio,mini design, more convenient to carry and install, Features with upgraded LED source technology, support 1080P,720p, 480P, which makes it possible to project a clear image.

This is an ideal projector for you to build an incredible home theater or an ultimate backyard theater, especially for movie night, football night, party etc.

• Longer lamp life / flexible projection screen / lower fan noise / build-in speaker

✔ Advanced LED lamp can work for about 50000 hours, which is twice time than most LED projectors.

✔ Aspect ratios of 4:3 & 16:9 boast a display size of 30 to 176 inches at a projection distance of 1.1 to 5m.

✔ Adopt the latest dual fan cooling technology, sound-free design, succeeded to reduced fan noise.

✔Use the build-in stereo surround speaker, restored every detail sound effect to let you enjoy the pleasure sounds in different scenes.

• DBPOWER: The most healthy and wise choice for you and your family. Enjoy your ” projection night ” now!

★★★★★ flexible screen

★★★★★ lower fan noise

★★★★★ build-in speaker

★★★★★perfect theater

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Without expert setup, TV Wall Mounting

43 reviews for DBPOWER 2400 Lumen Projector, Upgraded T22 LCD Video Projector Support 1080P with Free HDMI Cable Compatible with TV Stick Laptop PC iPhone iPad Smartphone for Multimedia Home Cinema Theater-White

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great picture!
    Great projector for the price, sharp and colorful and easy to use! I will definitely buy from them again!

  2. Brian Hicks

    great quality!
    This projector gives great quality picture and is portable. which makes it a lot easier. love that you can stream netflix from your laptop. there is a versitle screen size. only downside is to connect with your smartphone you have to purchase an additional cord.

  3. Casey

    Amazing for the price!
    Way cheaper than getting a new tv. Not as crystal clear quality as a brand new tv but works for what I need and it’s going to be a great addition for when hockey season starts!! Great for a college kid.

  4. Ripple Evolution

  5. Brian

    Movie Lovers!!
    Awesome product and is definitely something you would want for some movie nights with the family,to gaming with friends, and maybe even just to watch some youtube! Plug it up to your electronic thingymabob and you got some cool fun time coming up!

  6. Lemartva

    My kids love it.
    My kids love this projector is so small and easy to connect. Very good non expensive alternative. We also are using it for video games.

  7. William

    Pleasantly surprised
    I was glad to receive this unit rather quickly and exactly as advertised. Unfortunately, this is not always true when ordering stuff from other disreputable sellers on Amazon. Although native res is only 800 x 480, it supports my Fire TV stick quite well at a res of 1080p. It’s now found a home in my son’s room which has been pseudo-converted into a home theatre. Suggest using audio out port (with Dolby off) for the true cinema experience. At under $100, I have to say it’s a steal and way better than most projectors costing hundreds more $$. DB Tech customer service seems fantastic as they’re not shy about reaching out to customers and asking for feedback. Plus. the 3 year warranty and 50,000 hr lamp life is unbeatable. Totally worth it !

  8. Eric W.

    Good for the $$$
    Great customer service if you would need it. Good bang for you buck compared to others. I have had mine over 6 months and use it almost everday

  9. Abhinav

    Value for money.
    Do not pitch against high end products. Does the job. As recommended do not plan to use for PPTs.

  10. Adakiss

    Great product!
    Oh this is a beauty! I have another projector I put that one in the closet! I like this one I only purchased this one because it was on sale but it was worth my money!

  11. Kj

    Perfect size
    The protector work really good and the sound is perfect. I really like it, because of the size

  12. Ayuki Wang

    He loves it!!!
    I bought it for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he definitely loved it!! It’s a great way to just lied in the bed watching the huge screen of projector. Good buy

  13. Rattler10jr

    Neat projector
    Neat little projector with several ways to connect. Easy to setup , includes cables that most folks would need.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Great quality for the money
    Great quality for the price. My kids were so excited to watch Jurassic Park on a120″ screen.

  15. joeindover

    Nice clear picture
    The projector almost set up itself when I hooked it up. Nice clear picture. Easy to make adjustments like aspect ratio etc.

  16. ga boy

    bugs that gets sucked into cooling fan stick to mirror and you see …
    mine came used with a mosquito that projected up on screen in bottom right corner, any dust,cig ashes, bugs that gets sucked into cooling fan stick to mirror and you see them on screen, a simple screen would prevent this, got it mounted to ceiling projecting maybe 9 feet and picture is acceptable but nothing to write home about, brightness is usable only in a darkened room, picture focus is VERY hard to set and never really happy with it,purchased a nice pull down screen trying to fix that problem only to see its inherent in projector, i was going to return it but mosquito finally went away lol dried up and fell off i guess, but for the money it is fairly acceptable, i feel i got what i paid for

  17. Ed SUATE

    Four Stars
    Great projector

  18. Amazon Customer

    GREAT item for indoor and outdoor use
    GREAT item for indoor and outdoor use! Do recommend buying a sound bar. Good investment for family and friend entertainment!

  19. Stas Matveev

    Five Stars
    Absolutely amazing. Self sustaining with roku stick and no need for any connections. Love it

  20. Patrick

    When on sale, a perfect choice
    A great little projector for the price. I bought this on sale for under a hundred dollars, and for that price I can’t complain. I thought I would miss not having HD, but this still gives DVD quality, which isn’t bad. I’ve projected it on white sheets, light colored walls, and even my ceiling and the picture quality is not spectacular, but better than I thought I could get without spending hundreds of dollars. It is quite bright as well. It will not work outside if the sun is up (but neither will any projector that isn’t tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) but at night it is awesome outside, and indoors it is decent even in a softly lit room – you do not need to completely black it out for it to be usable. My favorite feature though is that the height adjustment screw comes out completely and is threaded identically to a standard tripod. Since the projector is so light I typically pull out a tripod and mount it directly which gives me complete control of where to position the projector. As long as you know you’re not getting a HD projector (and how could you at this price?) I can’t see how you could be unhappy with it. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

  21. John MacCatherine

    I love this projector
    So far, I love this projector. I’m using it outside by the pool with 120-inch rear projection screen. The picture is bright and clear, even when it’s not totally dark. Fan noise is no problem, even when I used it in a small room. My only issue is that with the manual keystones, it is hard to adjust the focus, but that is a problem with all projectors of this type.

  22. Promised1

    Five Stars
    Excellent!!! Done as described!

  23. aaron sun

    Must point the projector to screen nicely without angle
    This is a cheap video projector. Must point the projector to screen nicely without angle, otherwise part of the image will be blur.

  24. Mark

    Great projector for the price
    This projector is a great deal. Small and portable with good sound quality. We took it camping and the family loved it. Its picture quality isn’t going to blow you away or replace your family room 4k TV, but it makes for a lot of fun memories outside for cheap.

  25. Haohan Chen

    Five Stars
    Great projector! Can watch films at home now :)

  26. Dongdong

    That’s the best projector I have seen
    That’s the best projector I have seen! I like it! It has an extreme graphics, great sounds which made you in the movie. And it can connect by the flashdrive, computer, even the cellphone(you need to buy a conversion). It feels a perfect quality. If you wanna buy a projector, I suggest you buy this one!

  27. Kindle Customer

    Excellent purchase, works great, super fast delivery!
    I loved the fact that it got to my house pronto with regular free shipping, The projector was easy to set up, and had a nice bright picture even though it was mid day when I tried it in my living room on a tan painted wall. I planned to use it for an outdoor Halloween display, but with the easy set up and great picture, we will use it in our rec room for movie nights with family and to entertain the grandkids. Excellent purchase, recommend the higher lumens version(2400), and as always, great customer service from amazon.


    ( we’re technolgically handicapped) This literally took less than 10 minutes and it was wonderful! I’m totally happy with this purchase l
    It usually takes my husband and I hours to get anything electronic set up. ( we’re technolgically handicapped) This literally took less than 10 minutes and it was wonderful! I’m totally happy with this purchase l.

  29. Lorenzo Avila

    The picture is very great, compared to a less projector
    The picture is very great, compared to a less projector. The price was reasonable and very great picture! It’s great for Gaming, again the picture is good quality and for watching movies is even better.

  30. galaxydirector

    Awesome product, much brighter than the one I had …
    Awesome product, much brighter than the one I had before… It is very convenient, small to be easy carrying. It helps me to have an additional screen on the wall. The presentation given is very successful and people quite like the projector we used. Thanks for selling such a wonderful stuff.

  31. yz17v_54

    I thought it seems like not so clear but fine to me
    Woww Totally worth it! I’m surprised by how incrediable clear the sight is! I mean, at first I saw some customer images, I thought it seems like not so clear but fine to me. And then when I bought one and opened yesterday, after a little bit adjusting, much more clear than I expected. BTW, I’d say I love the simple design of those button. Good shopping experience.BTW I send it as a gift to my boyfriend! ;)

  32. Xavier P.

    set up and connecting it to our Blu-ray or cable box or XBox was very easy to do
    We have only used it twice, but from those times, set up and connecting it to our Blu-ray or cable box or XBox was very easy to do. The projector detected the items on its own and we are using it to watch movies as if we were in a theater and playing Xbox games. Picture quality is great and we have it connected to our Yamaha surround sound receiver. It’s like we have a 100 inch or wider TV playing on our wall. Please note-we only use it in the evenings/night since daylight does have an effect on the imaging/projection. We haven’t tried it with our computers yet, but assume it will work just as fine. As for viewing it in the daytime – it’s not possible, especially if you are attempting to view it outside. I took several pictures to show you the difference. The shots I took are in the shade and in our back yard. The sun set for us at 8 pm and here is what the screen looked like at 6:30pm, then at 7:30 pm and then at 8:00 pm, and finally at 8:30 pm. You’ll notice that 6:30 pm, I had to have the projector really close to the screen to see an image at 6:30 pm. However, as the sun went down the image got better and better. Looks GREAT at night!

  33. StormMaster

    great price.
    As described, fast shipping, great price.

  34. Amazon Customer

    we like it
    It is very good projector, works excellent. My family can watching movies together,so we can enjoy family time easily. Its very good picture quality. And it is very convenient to use with the remote controler

  35. Wanheng

    and also portable and easy to manipulate
    A little bit expensive but worth the price. This one is much brighter than my previous one, and also portable and easy to manipulate. As before, I connected it with Chromecast and put it on a tripod, which is really convenient and user-friendly. The machine can display sound, but better used with an external stereo.

  36. Sarah A.

    Five Stars
    Excellent picture quality

  37. Scott Jackson

    Great projector for the price
    Great projector for the price. You will have to find some means to connect your phone or tablet as it DOES NOT have the same USB input as the T21. The image is much brighter and clearer than the T21 but you sacrifice that wired input which was very disappointing. I had the T21 but sent it back because the image was just not that great.

  38. Shihan Dong

    This projector is easy to use
    This projector is easy to use. Clear instructions for users. It doesn’t need that kind of screen. It can directly project on my dorm’s wall.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Highly Recommend
    Iused to buy a philips projector in my room that cost 300 rish. However, when that projector should be remove to my bro room, I was recommended buying this one for substitute and I found this perform more perfect than my old one. So I save a lot. Very recommend!

  40. yx15d

    The image is great even at daytime
    Bright and clear projector! The image is great even at daytime. My bedroom is now a theatre. It can be conveniently connected to my smartphone. This makes everything simple. Wonderful product at this price range.

  41. Scott Adams

    Five Stars
    Honestly, I am shocked at the quality for the price. Shocked. <3

  42. Beau Liao

    This projector is by far the best Ive won
    This projector is by far the best Ive won. I dont want to spend hundreds of dollars to get one project in my bedroom. this product just what i need. reasonable price and high resolution. 5 star.!

  43. Jingjie Yu

    Five Stars
    It’s really good for family night entertainment. every family should have at least one of this .

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