//DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million Pixels 5Meter USB Waterproof HD 6LED Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera with USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function

DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million Pixels 5Meter USB Waterproof HD 6LED Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera with USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function


  • Capture snapshot image or video with 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*720, 600*1200 resolutions
  • 5M cable length. With accessories of mirror, small hook and Magnet tools
  • The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5mm diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes
  • Super Hi-Vision 2 Million Pixels CMOS camera
  • Work with Windows XP/7/8/10 & Macbook & Andorid Phone & Linux System,For Android with OTG–Compatible with CameraFi/ Scopecam or Open Camera APPFor Mac–Please use the photobooth/ quicktime player or vlc media playerFor Windows XP/7/8/10–Just use: VLC Media Player/ quicktime/ Windows movie maker softwareFor Linux System– Works with VLC Media Player
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1. 100% brand new high quality waterproof endoscope.
2. 2 million pixels CMOS camera.
3. Capture snapshot image or video with 800×600,1024×768,1280×720,600×1200 resolutions.
4. Built-in LED light (with Brightness Control Gear Button) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area.
5. The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5MM diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes.
6. This inspection camera has many applications including ear, nose oral & throat treatment, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection.
7. LED low LUX illuminance lights can work better when the light very dark
8. Powered by USB 2.0 port,compatiable with Windows 7,8,vista, android phone or tablet(micro USB adaptor needed).Easy to install and use.
9. Color: Black.
10.Cable length: 5M 

Package Includes: 

1 x 5m USB Endoscope
1 x Small hook
1 x Magnet
1 x Side audition
1 x fixed set
1 x CD
1 x Manual


Question: is the cable rigid enough to push the camera deep into a drain or is the cable floppy and loose like an ordinary cable?
Answer: The cable is floppy. I taped it to a wire hangar and was able to feed it about 4 feet into an air duct.

Question: Do you have to install a software program on the computer (eg., laptop) to see video? Do you have download the software?
Answer: Software in the box to run it on a laptop. I picked up CameraFI app for Android and use a USB-A to Mini-USB adaptor so I could run it thru my Samsung phone. Pretty handy.

Question: Does it work on windows 8?
Answer: Yes with no problems.

Question: What is the depth of field of the camera? In other words, what are the minimum and maximum distances from the lens that objects are in focus?
Answer: I would say approx. 2-4″

Question: Does this or any like it work with a Mac / Apple computer?
Answer: I use my with my iMac, Macbook Pro and iPads using Photo Booth. I have read that there is some variability with this but I have had 100% success. I have been able to diagnose complex car problems in the dash of cars instead of taking the dash off. And if you need to do something invasive, it let’s you know what you … see more

Question: Can you turn the LED lights off?
Answer: Yes the LED brightness is adustable. From very bright to off

Question: Is the cord ‘soft’ (power cord for example) or flexible and bendable like a wire? (copper wire for example)
Answer: It’s soft like a thinner than usual Ethernet cable.

Question: Does this register on the computer as a standard webcam? If so, could VLC in Linux detect and use?
Answer: It did register as a standard webcam under Windows 7. VLC is pretty robust, so I’d imagine it would have a good chance of working.
Sadly, I could not get it working with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as it was my intended target for this device.

Question: How long is it in feet?
Answer: 16 feet

Question: Can you use this camera down a sewer pipe to find where is blocked?
Answer: You need to attach it to electrical snake….. and the water can’t be too murky

Question: Chrome book compatible?
Answer: Works with the chromeos-cameraapp on my HP14 chromebook.


29 reviews for DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million Pixels 5Meter USB Waterproof HD 6LED Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera with USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function

  1. peter

    Five Stars
    nice !

  2. Jeffrey

    Perfect for DIY.
    Works no problems, does everything it says it does, however I am diy, if you are doing this type of stuff regularly get a high end Milwaukee one or something of that nature. This is perfect for DIY.

  3. guy grove

    great camera
    the camera on this is amazing.there are handy attachments also adapter to use phone instead of computer.i have not tried that yet but it sure works great on my laptop,i did not expect such clear color pictures.very easy to get started,just plug in,put in the disk and it works.great camera great price

  4. yolanda

    Muy bien
    Es perfecto

  5. Omar

    Good camera for the price
    I bought this camera cause i saw someone use it on a car…it was alright i berly use it but it does what is does

  6. Amazon Customer

    Four Stars
    Works well Good price

  7. Charles Reeder

    Small enough to fit and great pictures.
    I use it to look inside motors. Small enough to fit and great pictures.

  8. KV

    Five Stars
    Good Quality Product. Thanks

  9. AJ

    Great picture!!!!
    Easy to use with a great picture. I wish it had more audio options. Some dvds,blueray, and streaming movies we have tried to play doesn’t have the correct audio format.

  10. James F Simms

    came in very handy. had to attach to a stiffener to get it to go down the pipe, but picture was great and it was very useful.

  11. steven canning

    Five Stars

  12. edj0nes01

    Best buy of the year.
    Saved me from tearing a wall open to inspect. Works great.

  13. Chad

    Saw one work with other person’s phone and it was great.
    Picture shows split between phone or laptop. Actually doesn’t come with split. Also must buy adapter for Newer Android phones. Saw one work with other person’s phone and it was great.

  14. Beason

    Five Stars
    Great item

  15. Pills my budy

    Five Stars
    This work good

  16. Younis Alsulaimi

    Five Stars
    perfect, used it in my x-carve to capture the work under the dust shoe

  17. Aimee

    My husband has used it to get a better look at parts in an engine he’s working on
    I bought this camera to look down my pipes when doing a bathroom remodel, but since buying it I’ve found so many different uses for it. My husband has used it to get a better look at parts in an engine he’s working on, I’ve pushed it up/down walls to follow electrical cords. I even used it underwater to follow a pipe in my pool to see where it went. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy J7 pro with an endoscope app, which will save pictures and videos. The light works well too.

  18. MICK686

    Four Stars
    this little guy is pretty good! For the price I think it is a great deal!

  19. Gornemant

    MScopes for USB if you need a free android app.
    OK for the price, bought this one so I wouldn’t need the standalone endoscope. Used MScopes for USB Camera/Webcam on my Samsung S6 since it doesn’t need files permissions and isn’t flooded by ads.

  20. Oliver Ruehr

    Good quality. Well made
    Good quality. Well made. On a cell phone you’ll need to use the included adapter. That makes it a tad bulky.

  21. J. Dahl

    cheap product that gets the job done.
    It’s nowhere near 2 million pixels, but this thing is very handy for probing down spark plug and fuel injector holes. Plugs right into my Android phone, though the adapter isn’t the best quality. I can’t imagine why the cable is so long, maybe it’s a marketing gimmick. It’s certainly not stiff enough to guide in a tight place.

  22. Jim Smith

    Works great

  23. R5T

    Gets the job done.
    This is one of the most useful gadgets I’ve ever purchased. Every time I use it I wonder why I didn’t get one a long time ago. It lets you see around corners, inside, and behind things where it would otherwise be really difficult. Is it perfect? No. The quality isn’t amazing (but definitely good enough.) I’ve yet to find a viewer app I really like. And it can be finicky some times. But for the price, those are minor complaints. I’d definitely buy another one. Things I’ve used this for recently: – looking behind a drawer in a cabinet – looking at mountings for sink hardware – finding things deep underneath a car seat – looking underneath solar panels on the roof

  24. Jim Scheuerman

    Great for the price
    Great for the price, though I received it as a gift. Better instructions would be appreciated, as well as telling us which app to use for the phone. Picture quality isn’t as good as I was expecting, but the LED lights are good

  25. M. Sorensen

    Good enough to see inside a wall.
    Great for the price. I bought this 8+ months ago and never opened it. Today we were fishing some wire in a wall to install a new switch. After about an hour I remembered this. It was awesome to see what was in the wall. It didn’t focus great past 3 feet, but it was good enough to see what was inside the wall. We couldn’t have got the job done without it.

  26. Luther C. Marcena


  27. reader01

    A+ device.
    Saved me from having to MAJOR surgery on an engine that a bolt was dropped into. Very good resolution and kept working after being submerged in motor oil. A+

  28. KAG

    Cheap and functional. Worked with my Motorola smart phone….with an app
    Well it took a while to find an app that actually worked with my Motorola smart phone. I used “CameraFI” app for Android. There is a version 2 but don’t use that one as you are bombarded with spam ads. Version 1 you still get them but not as bad. I need to find an app that actually works with my motorola without ads. I thought for what I paid for this it is a decent little borescope. It will be great for looking in my dirt bike cyli9nders and other small areas like barrels and chambers. This is not a high end bore scope but it is already useful. If it lasts and does what it says it will do I will be very happy. The version I ordered is very long, I already wish I would have ordered a 2m version as then it would be small enough to fit in my tool bag for dual sport riding.

  29. dustin

    cables really floppy, so I just tape it to …
    cables really floppy, so I just tape it to a piece of 14AWG solid, also usb to micro usb doesnt fit unless you take otter box off

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