//DBPOWER 14″ Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery, Swivel Screen, Supports SD Card and USB, with 1.8M Car Charger and 1.8M Power Adaptor (Black)

DBPOWER 14″ Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery, Swivel Screen, Supports SD Card and USB, with 1.8M Car Charger and 1.8M Power Adaptor (Black)


  • WATCH MOVIES ANYWHERE: With the built-in high-capacity 2,800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you can enjoy watching your favorite DVDs on the large 14-inch for up to 3 hours. It can even be powered by your car charger or AC adapter, ensuring you can use it for longer anytime, anywhere.
  • SUPPORTS HUGE ARRAY OF MULTIMEDIA: Supports direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD (but not blu-ray DVD). It is region free. In addition, it supports max 32GB USB and SD cards for playing MP3/WMA/WAV, JPEG, MPEG2/AVI/DIVX.
  • SWIVEL SCREEN: Never be stuck for a viewing angle as the large 14-inch 1366*768 swivel screen with 270-degree rotation and 180 degrees flip allows you to get the perfect view every time. It can be easily swiveled and attached to the car headrest when you are on road trips.
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: Need it even bigger? The AV output allow it to be connected to a TV for you to enjoy for favorite movies on a big screen. Two like DVD players can also be connected by an AV to AV cable so that the same movie can be watched on two players at the same time. One player set in DVD mode to play DVDs, AV cable pluged into AVOUT port, the other player set in AV mode, AV cable pluged into AVIN port.
  • BEGIN WHERE YOU LEFT OFF: A neat feature of this portable DVD player is that it has a break-point memory function, which means the DVD will pick up from where you left last time.


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14″ DBPOWER Large Screen Portable DVD Player for You

About DBPOWER DVD Players
Trust in our experience. We have 5 years experience in this field and this helps us understand your needs better. One-in-three portable DVD players sold on Amazon is from us. Continual improvement, upgraded firmware and strict testing ensure your film-viewing enjoyment.

Improved Battery Performance for Great Portability
Leave the power wires at home. With this improved battery, we extend the play time to 3 hours. So now you won’t have to worry about losing battery power while watching a movie or two.

Supports Multiple Modes and Formats
Thanks to a built-in USB port and SD card reader, you can enjoy your digital movies and MP3 files directly from a USB flash drive or SD card.
Disc Formats: CD, DVD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), VCD, SVCD-R(RW), CD-R(RW)
Video File Formats: VOB, AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, XVID
Audio File Formats: MP3, WMA
Image File Format: JPEG

Mobile DVD Player
The built-in rechargeable battery will run the DVD player for 3 hours on a full charge for a portable movie watching experience anytime, anywhere.

Shock Resistance
Even when traveling on a gravel road, the shock resistance function will secure your film viewing pleasure.

1 x DVD player
1 x AV cable
1 x Remote controller
1 x Power adapter
1 x Car charger
1 x User manual


Question: is this a free zone all region dvd
Answer: Yes, this is a free zone portable DVD player.

Question: Can this unit be used with ear / head phones
Answer: where are the speakers on this player? Are they on the screen or on the main body of the player? What are the specivications on the speakers?

Question: Can i use wify.
Answer: I’m sorry the answer is no. SUPPORTS HUGE ARRAY OF MULTIMEDIA: Supports direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD. Supports USB and SD Cards for playing MP3/WMA/WAV, JPEG, MPEG2/AVI/DIVX.

Question: Are the speakers in stereo?
Answer: Yes, the speakers in stereo for this portable DVD player.

Question: Does it retain 4:3 aspect ratio w/out stretching the picture?
Answer: The ratio can only be changed when you hook the DVD player to a TV.

Question: If i downloaded videos from netflix or prime to a thumb drive could i play them on this device?
Answer: If your video is within these format, then the answer is yes:MP3/WMA/WAV, JPEG, MPEG2/AVI/DIVX. One of our customers recommend a free video converter program called Prism by NCH software. The Divx video worked on its default setting for both video and audio.He have been able to successfully convert MP4 files into Divx … see more

Question: Will the dvd player remember where you left off on the dvd once you turn off the machine?
Answer: Yes, this 14” portable DVD player have the last memory function, it will rember where you left off on the dvd once you turn off the machine, make sure you didn’t take out the disc.

Question: does the unit fold for carrying
Answer: It folds flat (like a laptop)

Question: I want to take this to Switzerland. Will I be able to use an adaptor to recharge the battery in my apartment?
Answer: Yes, the rated power range is 110-240V, just make sure charge the DVD player between this range.

Question: does this have a radio what is the exact size of the screen 14 by?
Answer: No, this player doesn’t have radio function.

Question: This is prob a dumb question. But am I right, that you can just plug it in, use a reg household outlet?… rather than on the battery.
Answer: Gretchen, Yes you are right, you just plug it in a regular household outlet. While it’s plugged in it’s charging so that you can use it unplugged for awhile if you want or need to. I usually have mine plugged in all the time though.

Question: What type of usb port does this device take?
Answer: A standard USB like a desktop computer or thumb drive.


Customer Review: Video review: Perfect for road trips with the kids.

Customer Review: Light and Good Quality!

Customer Review: Huge screen and a very nice picture

57 reviews for DBPOWER 14″ Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery, Swivel Screen, Supports SD Card and USB, with 1.8M Car Charger and 1.8M Power Adaptor (Black)

  1. Raphael Arias

    The player works great.
    The player works great. I use it at home to play DVD’s and SVCD’s, and AVI’s from a 500gb USB connected drive (formatted FAT32, can go up to 2tb) without any issues. Some files I had would not play, so I converted them to MPEG and now they play fine. The unit is very light weight and doesn’t take much space on my desk, so I can use it while I’m using the computer.


    2 hour battery life
    I’m not crazy about the battery life. It says 2hours, but some movies are longer. So far not an issue because I just plug it in while watching them unplug when I’m done.

  3. OC Girl

    Worked well for car trip
    With our new minivan lease, we didn’t have a DVD player in the vehicle, so after reading some reviews on Amazon, we bought this one for a planned car trip. I think the picture was great, and the volume was loud enough. We did hook up a larger portable TV, which made it possible for all the kids to see the video throughout the minivan, as well as having even more volume (although the volume of the DVD would have been loud enough, in my opinion). The instructions leave something to be desired. I could not make heads or tails of the directions for hooking this up to a TV (I’m not a tech idiot), but my husband was able to figure it out, in spite of the skeletal directions. What this DVD player is lacking is a way to hang/install in a vehicle. In spite of the picture that shows it installed on the back of a headrest, it does not come with anything to make this happen. Furthermore, Amazon does not sell anything large enough for a DVD player this size (the largest size I could find was for a 10.5″ screen). We ended up using some bungies to hang a TV in between the two front headrests, and the DVD player itself was in the front seat where I could control it and change the videos, etc.. Overall, I think it’s a great DVD player for the price, and I’m glad we purchased it. It works well, and no complaints with picture or volume. The company should provide something to install in in a vehicle. A carrying case would also be nice. We bought an Amazon basics case, which is actually perfect for this DVD player. Be sure to check out the interior dimensions before buying one. The one that comes up automatically as a suggestion to buy with the purchase is too small. You must select the larger size of the same Amazon Basics bag.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Good product for the price
    Good buy for the price. Like the design.

  5. Robert Carpenter

    Good product
    This is a very good product. My only complaint, which does not affect everyone is the size of the remote. It is 1¾ wide by 4¼ long. It has 44 keys on it. For anyone with vision problems it is very difficult to see what the key functions are for. Alittle larger remote would have been nice.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Quality product.
    I bought this because the reviews were so great and I couldn’t find another DVD player that had such a large screen. I can say it works great and it looks great. It was delivered super fast and packed very well.

  7. J. Barry Burns

    Ease of operation and very clear instructions
    Like its portability, ease of use, size screen allows the player to be at different distances from the viewer.

  8. pattyp711

    Good picture
    Love the clear picture and great sound

  9. Nicole F.

    Great price for quality
    Very large screen! Perfect for long car rides with the kids. Love it!

  10. Delaney

    Easy to use.
    Easy to use and it’s great quality.

  11. florence

    Very light!
    Very light!

  12. Karen C

    Wonderful customer service.
    Wonderful customer service. I received a DVD player that had a bad pixel. It was a white spot on the screen. After trying several different DVDs on the player, I contacted the seller and sent them a video of the problem in the screen. They replaced the player. Now I have a DVD player that works well. They have great customer service and I recommend this seller and DVD player. My daughter has purchased several DVDs of this brand from Amazon for my grandchildren and they are all very good quality.

  13. Dayanara

    Very good

  14. jeep

    Portable DVD player works great!
    I had another portable dvd player, and the sound was not good. This DBPOWER 14″ dvd player has terrific sound! I’m very pleased with this purchase!

  15. diana

    nice product
    I LOVE this DVD player. Very sharp picture, nice size screen. We couldn’t be more pleased.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Clear picture and ear phone connection are great so she can turn up the volumn and not …
    Purchased for a senior shut in. Loves that she can use it in any room or hospital. Clear picture and ear phone connection are great so she can turn up the volumn and not disturb anyone nearby.

  17. Jonas Heinrich

    Great Product
    Kids love it. Thanks.

  18. John Johnson

    Great product
    Great for long car6trips with kids.

  19. Theresa Clarke

    I love this
    I use this in the bedroom – fits nicely on the slim end table and the picture size is good. Just works great — not a problem and easy to move around the apartment.

  20. Momto3

    The packaging was done well and I was very impressed with the quality of the player when I got it unwrapped. The remote has actual buttons instead of the “raised under the surface” buttons that just tend to break or dent in over time. There is an actual “open” slide instead of just pushing down to open the door to allow for dvd insertion. A light underneath let’s you know when the device is charging and finished charging. This player appears to be of very high quality! (A welcome relief compared to our previous portable DVD players!)

  21. Sheryl Maness

    Company good to work with
    Company very good to replace product after failure to work afters 2 uses…good to know they stand behind their products..like be the product but had a bad one the first time

  22. Eureka Deeds

    Great quality
    Good quality for the price. My son loves it

  23. Gary E. Salmon

    Works good
    Arrived on time and as described.

  24. readmore

    Portable and durable
    I really like this DVD player. While I watch movies on Amazon Prime, this allows me to continue to watch movies i’ve Purchased over the years. It’s got a nice size screen but isn’t heavy.

  25. Karen Christy

    Huge picture
    It’s huge! The size of a laptop. Really good picture quality. Sound is adequate. It’s a good buy.

  26. carriegunda

    Great product!
    Great swivel option and folds flat like an IPad. Good speaker system to allow you to hear in the car. A nice large screen!!

  27. J.L.

    Great at home or on the road!
    Says the battery lasts up to 3 hours. We have thankfully gotten even more than that out of the player. Loved it so much we bought two more! Just a heads up, though, on taking it on the airplane. It does get flagged as a suspicious package because security thinks it’s a hollowed-out laptop computer. Be prepared to be detained and you might want to give security a heads up before sending it through, so security is aware ahead of time. 🙂


    LIke the larger screen size
    LIke the larger screen size. Like not having to disconnect the battery for storage. So far a good purchase.

  29. Colleen

    I can finally enjoy watching movies without being disrupted!! Lol. Perfect size to harbor down with and enjoy classic movies! Great price and perfect all the way around!😄

  30. K L.

    Giant screen
    We have only used it once so far. But, it has a HUGE screen (just like a laptop) and the display seems nice.

  31. Balliarora1

    Product as advertised!
    Big screen, clear picture, could do better with Bluetooth

  32. Jerry Ried

    The Kids Loved
    These were a GIFT, The Kids Loved Them

  33. Sharon K.

    Great for homeschool and classroom.
    I bought these for my daughters as they are using the DVD players for homeschooling. They are doing ABEKA HOMESCHOOL VIDEOS.

  34. bubbaa

    Five Stars
    as advertised

  35. C L Lynch

    Works well
    Works great now that I found the power switch on the side.

  36. Sheryl L. Diemer

    Great value, Great Product
    I was delightfully surprised at the size of the screen, the great resolution and the disc memory. Very nice product for the money.

  37. Carlos E. Guerra Suarez

    Love it

  38. CPC

    Great product
    great product my grand daughter loves it.

  39. R S

    Kids love it
    Great picture! We use it on long trips.

  40. John McKinstry

    The company stands behind it’s product.
    I like that this 14” screen DVD player is light weight, it has excellent picture quality and sound. The functions were easy to see and use.

  41. Elizabeth N.

    Great multi – region portable DVD player
    The DVD player is just what we were looking for. It is slightly on the larger size and makes viewing easier. It plays multi region DVDs and has had no issue with our Regoin 2 disks. The sound through the speakers is good.

  42. Sue Neu

    No brainer.. This is is hands down the best portable player.
    This is my second purchase of this model player. The first lasted years and was worked to death. Least expensive, easiest to use and excellent picture and sound. Great overall product.

  43. Karen H.

    Five Stars
    This will be great for my daughters to watch while we are traveling.


    I like it
    I’ve tested this item out and it seems to work well. I will be taking it camping this next weekend and that will be the true test.

  45. bashh

    Love It
    Love the screen size and features that re easy to figure out from the start

  46. Dora Helms

    How easy it is to use.
    Like the wide screen and that it swivels. Also how easy it is to use.

  47. Angel P

    Five Stars
    I love this product! The screen is the perfect size for small to be able to view.

  48. Karen

    LOVE this. I use it to watch DVD’s while …
    LOVE this. I use it to watch DVD’s while I’m on the treadmill. Makes the time to by so fast!

  49. Edward Szubinski

    Unbelievable large dvd player for the price.

  50. Brunilda Trinidad

    Great buy!
    Love this player. Use it almost every day.

  51. Alicia R.

    You Wont’ Regret Purchasing this Player it Really Works Well
    I bought this for my 74 year old mother, that is temporarily in a nursing home. I gave it to her on Mother’s Day and wanted to wait and write my review to see how it held up. I was very impressed with the packaging. It was very well protected in a very nice air shell. If you are into packaging, it looked great and really protected the product. I was leary about buying a brand I knew nothing about, but so far it has been the BEST portable DVD player we have had so far. I have owned some of the Brand names 7 “- 10” portables and although they had speakers, you couldn’t hear anything unless you had headphones on. This one you can hear very well without headphones. That really helped my mom so she didn’t have to be tied to it. There are several video adjustments that you can make to improve the screen to your liking. Really a quality product. Most companies do not highlight the buttons, which I wish they would. I put a little white paint int he grooves for FF, Rewind, Play, etc., so that she could see them better. She has had not problems with it at all and totally loves it. Finally a really good portable DVD player is being made.

  52. Amazon Customer

    Nice, Was for a
    Nice,Was for a Gift

  53. G. Wedgwood

    Excellent, clear picture and easy to use.
    Can’t believe how easy this was to use, and the picture is one of the clearest I have ever seen! very lightweight and easy to handle. Extremely happy with this product.

  54. Regina

    Plays German DVDs
    We did have to go to AUDIO & tap on Deutsch. Use the remote control, too. A very lightweight machine!

  55. Steven Smith

    Great machine that’s very easy to use
    Great machine that’s very easy to use. So convenient to use on its battery power, or watch a DVD while plugged into electrical outlet. The battery charges quickly. I have bought three of these–two as gifts–and the recipients loved it. I bought the first one nearly a year ago, and it still works great even after dropping it.

  56. Sooze

    Closed Captioning Works
    I saw many reviews mention no closed captioning; but it worked for me right from the start, and I can’t live without it so am very happy with this portable dvd player. It’s also very easy to set up to watch on a big screen TV. The buttons on the remote are tiny and annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Love this player. Great picture, lightweight. Customer service was awesome too.

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