//DBPOWER 12V DC Tire Inflator, Digital Air Compressor Pump with Digital Gauge, 3 High-air Flow Nozzles & Adaptors for Cars, Bicycles and Basketballs

DBPOWER 12V DC Tire Inflator, Digital Air Compressor Pump with Digital Gauge, 3 High-air Flow Nozzles & Adaptors for Cars, Bicycles and Basketballs


  • FASTER AND STRONGER- The DBPOWER air compressor is the trusty companion you need in your car! It can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0-35 PSI in only 4.8 minutes! This is much faster than other air compressors on the market. The instant peak pressure of the tire inflator is 150 PSI. And stable working pressure is 50PSI max. It makes inflating low and flat tires in emergency easy and more convenient. Never be stranded by a flat tire again!
  • AUTO-OFF FUNCTION- You can preset a pressure and the tire inflator will automatically switch off once the pre-set pressure has been achieved, meaning you don’t have to worry about over-inflating your tires again. And the accurate pressure of tire will mean a more fuel-efficient drive.
  • DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY- The bright backlight LCD display also makes for convenient use at night. As well as being bright enough to see under strong sunlight. The gauge can display the pressure in PSI/BAR/KPA.
  • LONG POWER CORD- At 3m (10 feet) long, the power cord of the compressor pump has been designed so that you can absolutely reach any of the four wheels and further. Never be annoyed and inconvenienced again by those pesky air compressors that barely reach the back tires.
  • ADDITIONAL NOZZLES & ADAPTORS- Three additional adaptors are included for versatile use, making it easy for you to inflate car, bike, motorcycle, RV, SUV & ATV tires and also sports equipment and other inflatables.


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– NOT suitable for RV, ATV, pickup and truck tires.

– Do not exceed the stable working pressure of 50PSI.

– Start the engine before plugging in the power cord.

– The product only can be used on DC 12V power source, it can’t be used on AC 110V, AC 220V, DC 24V, DC 36V.

– The tire inflator should not be used longer than any 10-minute period.

– Please allow the unit to cool down for at least 15 minutes after each use.

Proper tire inflator can be a life saver or a handy helper. Regular inspection of tire pressure and tire inflation increases is an important aspect of car maintenance that too many people neglect. Ignorance of examine tire pressure is not only dangerous for each driving, it will also cause the vehicle to expend much more petrol or diesel because of improper tire pressure. Tire inflator is supposed to be a necessary accessory to have in your automotive toolbox.

Quick and Strong

DBPOWER air pump enables to inflate a mid-sized car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in about 4.8 minutes with max pressure up to 150 PSI. The inflating speed has been much faster than most other compressors. With the fast and convenient tire inflator, you do not need to worry about rushing time in an emergent case.

Auto off and Easy to Use

Simply select the desired tire pressure value on our easy to read premium digital LCD display and inflate. The air compressor will automatically shut off once pre-set pressure has been reached.

Digital LCD Display Screen

Clear night vision can be ensured with digital display. It is much more convenient to read the pressure at night. And also easy to be read when get exposed to the sun.

Easier to Reach back Tires

3M long cigarette lighter cord and 0.5M air hose makes it more practical to connect with the back tire. The tire inflator will not be nonsense for the short cable.

Portable and Compact

It takes little storage space but helps a lot once needed. With our DBPOWER air compressor, you do not need to waste money on gas station just for filling gas anymore!


Question: How many inches thick is this? Is 3.9″ in the description accurate?
Answer: Hello, thanks for your question. Accurate thickness of the tire inflator is 6cm, which equals to 2.3 inches. It is compact size to be portable at the same time.


Question: 6/18/17, Does this have an AC/120v adaptor?
Answer: No it doesn’t. But I will say its quite powerful for its size.


Question: How fast will it blow us a float or innertube?
Answer: It inflates a standard mid-sized car tire from 0~35PSI in only 4.8 minutes.


Question: Does this deflate as well? Thinking large water inflatables at the beach!
Answer: Hello, the air compressor can be used on large water inflatables with proper inflating adaptors. Inflating speed of the tire inflator is much faster than other compressors. Any contacting for product consultion will be warmly welcomed and highly appreciated.


Question: Can this be used for bubble balls?
Answer: Hello, the tire inflator can be used for bubble balls if proper inflating adaptors can be found. The air compressor is versatile for many kinds of uses with different valve adaptors.


Question: Can this deflate a tire to the preset pressure? Say tire has 40 psi and you set it to 35 psi.. will it defalte till it gets to 35psi?
Answer: Yes it can..


Question: What’s the running time?
Answer: I was able to take my car tire from 24 psi to 27 in under 3 minutes. Which was faster than the free air compressor at my local gas station.


Question: Does this item have a presta valve adapter to fill bicycle tires?
Answer: yes


Question: Will it inflate tires on a honda crv?
Answer: I am almost sure it is compatible with your vehicle. I have Toyota Tacoma, and it works just fine. It’s probably best to check with the seller to be sure.


Question: is it noisy
Answer: This air compressor is awesome. It is not as loud as other air compressors. You will not be disappointed






DBPOWER 12V DC Tire Inflator, Digital Air Compressor Pump   

Customer Review: Nice air compressor !!!!

Customer review:Very useful and handy tool!!!



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