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DBPOWER 1200A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter (for 6.5L Gas, 5.2L Diesel Engine and more), Car Battery Booster Pack & Charger, Portable Phone Charger with QC3.0 Built-in LED Emergency Flashlight

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  • 【POWERFUL】: At 1200 amp peak current, your DBPOWER device packs enough punch to be able to jump start all 12V battery vehicles up to 6.5L gas and 5.2L diesel engines. Also suitable for boats, lawn mowers and more! This powerful device is capable of jump starting a car 20 times when it’s fully charged!
  • 【SAFETY GUARANTEED】: Built-in intelligent security function with advanced highly quality jumper clamps, can protect the jump starter from over current, short circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-charge.
  • 【SMART CHARGING PORT】: With the QC 3.0 USB port, it can full charge your smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices at the fastest speed possible.
  • 【COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT】: Mini Dimensions 7.1”x 3.2”x 1.4” with 2.4 pounds weight, portable and compact enough to store in your glovebox.
  • 【MORE FUNCTION EVER】Unlike the traditional jump starter, it has additional function! You can use it to charge vehicle’s battery for less than 10 minutes through the cigarette charger , and then try to start your car inside.


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The King of Power, beyond your limits!
This portable jump starter is the second generation from DBPOWER. The peak current is 1200 amps and it can jump start engines (6.5L gas, 5.2L diesel) up to 20 times in seconds on a single charge! Make sure you and your loved ones never get stranded again.

Intelligent Safety Function
As outlined above, this jump starter has an array of built-in intelligent safety functions and circuit protections, as well as being equipped with improved clamps for better conduction.

Faster & Smarter Battery Charger
Equipped with a 2.1A USB output and smart USB port, you can charge your cellphones, tablets and kindles etc. at lightning speed.

Powerful LED Light & LCD Screen
It has a 3-mode LED light (high, strobe and SOS) which is potentially an emergency life saver when you go camping, picnic, outdoor adventure or on investigations. The LCD screen shows you exactly how much power and output voltage is remaining, which helps you make better use of the power and protect your devices.

Convenient Package & Ultra Compact
The unit is supplied in a fabulous quality semi-hard case featuring a yellow wrist carry strap. Unlike traditional bulky jump starter packs, it’s small enough to store in your glovebox and light enough to pack in your bag.

Even More Functions
Unlike traditional jump starters, it has an additional function! If your vehicle’s battery is not out of charge completely, you can use the cigarette charger to charge the vehicle’s battery for about 5-10 minutes, and then try to start your car inside. (This function can only be used in few situations.)

1) Don’t jump start any engine that exceed the maximum displacement the unit can bear, or it will cause serous damages to the unit.
2) Your jump starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If less than 25% charged, it may not be able to start your engine.
3) Don’t connect the positive and negative polarity together when it’s power on.
4) Don’t crank the engine for more than 4 seconds. Allow the jump starter to cool down for at least 30 seconds after each jump-start.
5) Read the instruction carefully before using.

55 reviews for DBPOWER 1200A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter (for 6.5L Gas, 5.2L Diesel Engine and more), Car Battery Booster Pack & Charger, Portable Phone Charger with QC3.0 Built-in LED Emergency Flashlight

  1. momsview

  2. Rojas R.

    Outstanding Customer Support
    Excellent warranty. My unit did not work properly. I reported it via the DBPOWER chat contact (Consultant JR) and after 5 minutes a replace unit was placed in order. This kind of commitment says a lot about a product. And the people representing the Manufacturer.

  3. Andrew Exner

    Exceptional Customer Service!! Thank you Db Power
    I purchased this product a few months back. Unfortunately, it was stolen out of my car before I had the chance to use it. Frustration led me to inquire with Db Power. To my surprise, and without any obligation from Db Power they issued a replacement unit, free of charge! Exceptional customer service! Thank you Db Power. I will purchase another product for my wife soon. Best, Andy

  4. Tuan Nguyen

    Great Customer service and warranty
    Had my DBPower Model N01 1200A car jumper give out on me, but luckily the warranty activation and service was really easy. I was able to chat with their customer service Rep via their webpage chat and within 5 minutes have a replacement being shipped out. I don’t really know the reason for the battery not working anymore. I generally have it connected to a USB cable in the car all the time and when I pulled it out, it had 0% charge and I was not able to charge it anymore.

  5. Rob W.

    So far so good
    I use it to power the electric hitch jack on a 24’ cargo trailer and it works like a charm.

  6. Scott R. Schaecher

    Cool gadget!
    Ok, this thing is really, really cool. I will start out by saying I have not yet used it to jump anything. I will update this review as soon as I do. I just unboxed it and felt the need to provide my first impressions. I bought this to keep on my boat for emergencies. It’s pretty heavy, and comes with multiple cords for different purposes. Cords include: 1) Plug in 120V charging cord to charge at home 2) Plug in cigarette lighter 12 V cord to charge in the car or other vehicle. 3) Heavier cigarette lighter 12V cord for slow charging your car battery! This plugs into an output port on the device, not the same port as input charging. If you don’t want or know how to hook up the terminal clamps directly to the battery (#4 below), you can plug into your cigarette lighter and charge your car battery more slowly. Hopefully just enough to crank it. Note that if your car battery itself is going out, charging it won’t do much :) 4) Direct battery terminal clamps for cranking the vehicle right from this device. 5) Standard micro USB charging cable The DBPower also has a built in flashlight, digital display, and two USB output ports – one 5V/2.1A port and one QC3.0 port. I had to google the latter, that’s a QuickCharge 3.0 port for quick charging phones that support it. Nice! The device comes wrapped with a notice that says to charge to 100% before use. I plugged it in, and it was at 0%. I took the picture here after about 10 minutes, where it is at 3%. Total charge time per the manual is about 3.5 hr using the plug in chargers. You can also charge it via the included standard micro USB cord, that takes 5.5hr. I have noticed that it smells a little funny as it is sitting here charging. It’s lukewarm to the touch, so hopefully it’s just new warm plastic smell. I’ll keep this posting updated!

  7. Jah Beanz

    DBPOWER 1200a
    Great Product, Fast Shipping, Couldn’t ask for more!!!! A+

  8. Farva

    Make sure you test
    This is the 2nd 1200A I’ve purchased. I’ve purchased 2 other DBPOWER starters; the 600A and 800A peak amps. I sent both back because they would not hold charge. DBPOWER customer service was great though and they sent replacements. Maybe I just have bad luck but all 4 seem to be working great now. My advice is to charge and test immediately.

  9. Brad

    Portable Car Jump Starter
    Works Great, Thanks DBPower

  10. Sailorman

    DBPower Jump Starter
    I have not had a chance to actually use the DBPwr device yet to start my vehicle but can attest to the build quality of the product and instructions. Happy with the purchase would buy again.

  11. sd72667

    Bad Unit/*Seller Backed Warranty*
    I purchased this Battery Booster back in August 2017. After a few uses it failed. I didn’t realize it had a 1-3 yr warranty so I contacted the seller about the warranty & they quickly responded. After a few email exchanges, the seller shipped out a brand new unit to me. I call that great customer support. So far the new unit is working fine.

  12. Cindy Scruggs

    Great customer service
    Works perfectly!!! Great customer service!

  13. D F.

    Plenty of power and boosts
    Being in the golf course business, we are often in need of jumping a battery. DBPOWER Jump Starter does the trick, from small 18 HP gas engines to our 60 HP diesel tractors. And of course, since half of the time, no one remembers to charge it, it will give a boost several times over. Lots more convenient than dragging cables around. USB charger comes in handy, too.

  14. smernoff#1

    Reliable when needed
    Very nice system

  15. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Happy with this unit

  16. Kirch

    Great product
    I’ve used this power pack to jump several vehicles on one charge and have had no problems. It even starts cars with batteries that are absolutely dead. I love this power pack so much I bought a second one to keep in my other vehicle.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Compact and Strong!
    This DBPower Portable jumpstarter battery works great! My motorhome sits for long time between trips, the batteries lose charge and won’t start often,this product really works great!

  18. Ronald J.

  19. Gregory Hatfield

    won’t charge
    got it , un packed it, plugged it in, 0% charged 3 hours later 0% charged NUFF SAID

  20. marc

    You have to hold start button to get it going
    This is a little bit of a pain to get started . But over all I love this jump box I have a 6.6 diesel and battery went dead and I didn’t think it would start it but it did. I can jump over 6 cars with out charging it. Great jump box. Aaa+

  21. billy chan

    Every car owner should own one. DP power 1200
    Serious piece of equipment. Purchased my in winter of 2017. Took it out to check on it’s charge every 3 months .Everytime it was still at 100%. After 8 months, starting to doubt it’s reading. Took it home,slap on the charger. After 5 minutes, stopped charging. said it’s fully charge.Threw it back in my trunk. One day, had nothing to do and decided to test the unit. Turn on my headlamps and came back 4 hours later. Battery was pretty dead. could not open door with remote.open door with key, could not start the car. connect the DP power 1200. Waited one minute and the light turn green.Got in my car .It started right up. I was very amaze. The unit still at 100%. Two days later, my co-worker’s car had a weak battery. could not start so I lend him my DP power 1200. He was also amazed. Gave me back the jumper and it is still at 100% after it jump started two cars. Next day my co-worker order one at amazon. Very happy, great investment.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Great safety gift
    I bought 4 of these one for each of my grandchildren. Great investment. Two of them had to use them and they were thankful they had them.

  23. Esteban C.

    Awesome product!

  24. Loyal Customer

    I love this product. Everyone should have one of these. You never know when you need a jump and you normally need another vehicle to do it. This eliminates that and allows you to do it on your own. Works great and this is the perfect Christmas present for family

  25. Yurassis Draghin

    Powerful and compact!
    Came with zero charge and initially thought it was a dud. Used the provided wall charger instead of USB and after some time it finally started to accept the charge. Took most of the day to reach 100%. Have not had to use it yet but it gives me peace of mind to go places where help may be hours or days away or my wife takes a long trip away to see her sister.

  26. samuel w. person

    Love it
    Performed well

  27. Patty McGinnis

    Works great. I’ve waited a year before posting the review to make sure it holds up. Used in on my boat, one of my motorcycles and a friends truck. Never fails. I take it on trips to charge up phones and laptops. Great deal for the money.


    Great deal
    Really good well made product

  29. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars
    Easy to use and understand.

  30. George Day

    Great Product!
    The N01 is small and compact, but has a lot of power. It comes with a handy case to keep the unit and cables together. I’m very pleased with the product.

  31. Mom!Mommy!Mama!

    Warranty handling was quick and painless. I would do business with DBPower again.
    The car jumper is compact and nicely packaged. Instructions are easy to read and follow. After 6 months, I did have a problem with charging it again after an extended period of storage. Wrote to the customer service and had a replacement in less than a week.

  32. scott a.

    Compact design with travel case that holds everything.
    Just received prior to heading on long driving trip. looks to be an efficient design. Arrived with no charge, but took slow charge with AC adapter.

  33. Kevin

    Love the way the product is packaged and that it …
    Love the way the product is packaged and that it has several options for charging,(adapter for plugging into 110v socket, Cigarette lighter USB adapter and mini USB cable. My wife has been having issues with her battery dying and I’m looking forward to using this when the need arises rather than having to call roadside assistance and wait. Love that the carrying case easily stores in the back of her car and will be ready when we need it. Will update this review after use.

  34. Dwayne Coleman

    Fast Shipping
    This is a great product!

  35. Amazon Customer

    Excellent jumper.
    This will definately start your car when battery is completely dead. Very easy to use. I am afraid to jump a car with another car, but this I can use. Had it in the car fully charged for two months and when a friend needed a jump it was ready to go. Very good product would be great for young drivers as well. It is nice not having to ask strangers for help.

  36. Cory wilson

    Came in handy the first day
    Exactly what I wanted and got

  37. Joseph Matthew Maniace

    Love it!
    Love this jump box. I have had it for almost a year. Never leave home without it. I have jumped everything from motorcycles, boats and cars with it. We also carry it with us on the motorcycle as a phone charger.

  38. Tori VanT

    As expected
    Clear instructions. The display is useful.

  39. mirex cave

    Need to have it in your trunk
    Small in size so you can put in the Car trunk and don’t worry about it , Just check it every 3 months , You’re my have to charge it again to make it 100% power , I don’t have to rely no more on somebody else or some strange situations , If You have battery problem , This will give you chance to have extra time to replace our exchange your old oneAnd headache free, if you your car Don’t want to Start because of you battery

  40. SPQR1805

    Nice Design
    Compact design. Easy to follow instructions on care & operation.

  41. Deb Sack

    it was so convenient and easy to carry along do to its small size
    Our Son had purchased this item and when we went to his cabin and he used it to jump start his boat or we would have been stranded, it was so convenient and easy to carry along do to its small size, love it so we ordered it also, due to our traveling south in the winter months.

  42. Cindy Brewer

    Compact fits in my glove box
    Just got it. I have a Jeep and often go off trail. This will come in handy if no one is around to jump start my Jeep. I’ve been wanting one for awhile.

  43. ShakaBrah

    This thing is amazing. I’ve bought 2 DB Power batteries and have bought 2 as gifts. They’re awesome.

  44. ZaiTheRuler

    Perfect Companion & Works Great
    Works like a charm and definitely a must have if you own a car. Definitely recommend

  45. Catherine

    My car is the only one in the garage and …
    My car is the only one in the garage and not in a position that would allow the use of traditional jumper cables. Because my son had one of these in his car it helped me get my battery jumped quickly and I was actually able to get to work on time! I took his to work for the end of the day. I was not able to get to the parts store until then. But I didn’t leave it in my car but took it inside instead and shared my story with as many people as I could. It was a real life saver! I will be buying one for my daughter with my next paycheck.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Can’t wait!!
    Haven’t used it yet but according to its ratings, it’s one of the best out out there! Especially for the price. I’ll most likely get a second one.

  47. cookie monster

    Good quality
    Great item great price

  48. Amazon Customer

    Compact and powerful
    Compact and powerful

  49. Michael S

    Good to keep on hand for emergencies.
    This comes in handy, especially when someone accidentally leaves the lights on and drains you battery. Something to keep in your car for emergencies.

  50. Rafael M.

    Great customer service. Hopefully this will last a long time.
    EDIT: 7/11/2018 I emailed the company that my jumper stopped working within the 1st year and was promptly delivered a replacement which was correctly charging. I am very pleased with the customer service and how helpful they were. I updated my review after the great customer service. OLD POST: I bought this in Nov. 2017 and only used once but now (June 2018) it will no longer hold charge and thus is useless. The one time I used it to jump my car, it worked great but to die after 7 months, I would not recommend. Hopefully I can get them to honor their warranty which others have claimed to be 3 years.

  51. Robert P.

    Effortlessly started diesel tractor
    I’ve used this product to jump start my New Holland diesel 75 HP tractor several times before recharging it at 78%. It’s a big engine requiring a lot of juice and it kicked the engine over effortlessly.

  52. KC6DFO

    Hold’s charge very well.
    Small size is convenient. Hold’s charge much longer than large jump starters with AGM batteries.

  53. anthony maniaci

    This charger easy to ue
    I don’t use my car often and as expected battery loses charge. This charger easy to ue, holds charge a long time and so far used it twice and car started right up.

  54. margie W.

    Five Stars
    love it started my car very happy with the product ,

  55. BRUCE L.

    This is a very powerful powerful power supply. Wife’s Honda 6 cylinder Honda’s battery had gone completely dead after sitting in the garage for 6 months and I hooked this up and it started right up. Absolutely plenty of juice to do the job.

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