DBPOWER 12″ Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 10″ Swivel Display Screen, SD Card Slot and USB Port, with 1.8 Meter Car Charger and Power Adaptor, Region Free-White

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  • 【WATCH MOVIES FOR LONGER】With the built-in high-capacity 2,500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you can enjoy watching your favorite DVDs for up to 5 hours. It can even be powered by your car charger or AC adapter, ensuring you can use it for longer anytime, anywhere.
  • 【SUPPORTS HUGE ARRAY OF MULTIMEDIA】Supports direct play of CD, DVD, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, SVCD (but not blu-ray DVD). It is region free. In addition, it supports max 32GB USB and SD cards for playing MP3/WMA/WAV, JPEG, MPEG2/AVI/DIVX.
  • 【SWIVEL SCREEN】Never be stuck for a viewing angle as the 10″swivel display screen (1024*600 TFT-LCD ) with 270-degree rotation and 180 degrees flip allows you to get the perfect view every time. It can be easily swiveled and attached to the car headrest when you are on road trips.
  • 【MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY】Need it bigger? The AV output allows it to be connected to a TV for you to enjoy favorite movies on a big screen. Two like DVD players can also be connected by an AV to AV cable so that the same movie can be watched on two players at the same time. One player set in DVD mode to play DVDs, AV cable pluged into AVOUT port, the other player set in AV mode, AV cable pluged into AVIN port.
  • 【BEGIN WHERE YOU LEFT OFF】A neat feature of this portable DVD player is that it has a break-point memory function, which means the DVD will pick up from where you left last time. Warranty: 1 Year Free Standard Parts and Labor

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Upgraded Portable DVD Player – Piano White

While streaming movies and television have taken over our TVs, there is still a need for DVD players, Especially needed a portable DVD player.

Today, we are proud to bring you this Upgraded Portable DVD Player – Piano White with improved components that allows you to play almost any DVD format on the market, with faster speed and more stability.

Thus, come on, enjoy millions of movies, yoga DVD, wedding video, eBooks, and songs, you’ll find the DBPOWER Portable DVD player loads at lightning speed, an advanced image processing, and high-resolution audio to win your love.


  1. 1026*600 High-definition TFT LCD screen
  2. Support most of the DVDs from 6 region
  3. Double stereo speaker design, louder volume
  4. Swivel Screen with 270 degrees rotation and 180 degrees flip
  5. 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Warm Notice

  • Please avoid touching the laser lens.
  • Do not use scratched or damaged discs.
  • The “OK” button means “play”, “STOP” button
  • It is normal if hearing a loud sound when reading a disc for the first 15 seconds.
  • Please remove the disc and replace with other discs if the DVD player shows “no disc”.

8 reviews for DBPOWER 12″ Portable DVD Player with 5-Hour Rechargeable Battery, 10″ Swivel Display Screen, SD Card Slot and USB Port, with 1.8 Meter Car Charger and Power Adaptor, Region Free-White

  1. David L

    My family and I travel a lot and this DVD player will come in handy for those times when the kids are in the car or the airplane with nothing to do. This DVD player would also be great on our camping trips. I also like the fact that I can use it as a regular DVD player to watch movies on a TV. It is very lightweight, easy to transport and simple to use. It comes with a regular plug for the outlet, a car plug, cables to connect it to the television and a remote. It has a USB and SD card slot which would allow you to watch movies or play songs that are downloaded onto those mediums.

    I played a regular DVD and the quality of the video is very crisp and clear. The speakers were at a good noise level, not too loud and not too low. You can also connect headphones which is a blessing for those times when my child has pressed rewind button to the same song for the 15th time and I’m about to pull my hair out. The sound quality of the headphones was very good. The buttons were very easy to use on the unit. It was not complicated to use them as they were easily marked with words rather than symbols. I played an old CD of mine and it read it right away and played the songs.

  2. Steve in Indy

    This has an outstanding number of features for the price. What sold me on this item over others I had looked at is the battery life and the USB memory and SD card memory slots. That gives you options for your digital content. It also comes with everything you need, i.e. AC and DC chargers, video cable, remote control.

  3. Nancy Testa

    Overall good DVD player: I really like the sturdiness of this DVD player. It comes with all the wires you need plus a remote!
    I made a video to show you the sound quality, which is overall pretty good! The volume could be a bit higher but I can’t complain!! Picture is awesome!! Thank you!

  4. Drkstr318

    Selected this product as an option to assist with getting my 4yr old focus on something during long family trips. That being said the day this DVD player arrived to the house my wife asked “Alexa notifications” and learned the package that was delivered contained this DVD so, she opened it and let our 4yr old watch a movie while she completed some cleaning. She found this allowed her to keep him close by (eye sight) while being able to complete her tasks around the house. Now the features I found useful is this 1) player does have built in rechargeable batteries (5 hrs of life according to the packaging) making this great for being on the move such as going room to room in our case. 2) it comes with 3 cables, the wall plug to power/charge the player, car power cable, and a set of 1/8″ to RCA to allow for TV connections. 3) the LCD can rotate 180 degrees and closed screen side out and still allow for video viewing although turning the opposite way only allows a 90 degree rotation.

  5. Kristina Curnutt

    I wanted to get a portable DVD player that was just that – no games or anything else (we have tablets for that…. and with this portable DVD player we can play DVDs and don’t have to then listen to the kids ask to play games on it. I was impressed with the packing of the player. I plan on keeping the box with the handle, and the bubble wrap sleeve to keep the player in to keep the cords together and protect it. The player itself seems quite durable which is great with young kids. Love that it comes with a remote, but also the capability to use the player via the buttons on the player itself (as let’s be real my young kids will be playing hide n seek with the remote I’m sure!) The screen swivels around 180 degrees which is great for the little kiddos so they are not tempted to touch the buttons (as much). The video I added shows this though it was hard to do with just one hand. The picture is great, and the volume can get pretty loud (to drown out the kids…. maybe.) I was also impressed with the instruction manual. It provides quite a bit of information and is written well. My husband and I were unsure if some of the remote buttons but the manual explained it all.

  6. Jennifer

    Came packaged well, good condition. It’s very self-explanatory but there is a manual to explain the buttons/menus as well. I love that there’s a USB option to expand viewing options. Includes regular outlet charging cord, car charger and has the ability to be connected to a TV to be used as a regular DVD player. Very convenient to have a remote as well for when it’s in a headrest holder in the car. The swivel of the video screen is smooth and goes 180° and lays back down flat on the player to be held nicely or placed in a headrest holder. Nice to have as an option for road trips or even shorter car rides with kids!

  7. Marissa Soares

    Works great! Make sure you take the little paper off the inside where the disc goes before inserting a disc. Comes packaged really well and is slick looking. It’s nice that you can plug in an SD card or flash drive as well for movies. Only cons that I’ve noticed so far are that it’s a little thicker than I expected, and it’s a little bit loud when it’s spinning the dvd.

  8. Kodo

    This product is very well made and extremely easy to use! I have just recently been in and out of the emergency room several times and it was a lifesaver! I have great-grandchildren grandchildren and children down with the flu And I was the first one to get sick. I cannot tell you what a pleasure this product is When you are staring at the wall with active children around you. The picture quality is excellent. It is so easy to use my 6-year-old great-grandson was turning it on and under my supervision doing basic operations. It comes complete with all cabling and everything you need. Thank God it was even pre-charged. We have literally spent hours watching excellent quality for a very reasonable price. Nurses and other mothers were asking what it was and where they could get it. I of course told them. It hooks up very easily To a large television set with a simple cable that comes with it. So I was able to watch ito my chest, in the car and When I got home, on my large television. Customer service could not be better and they are very pleasant. If you have a college student or Other person with limited space, this is an excellent gift. I would definitely buy more in the future and highly recommend It for value and quality.

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