About US

DBPOWER is a highly-awarded, international company with a focus on creating high-tech consumer gadgets. Our brand DBPOWER is widely considered a world leader in developing and marketing affordable, innovative consumable electronic products.

Our VISION at DBPOWER is to create tech products that offer good value for our customers. Products that our customers appreciate. Products that enhance their daily life. Products that provide adventure and enjoyment to people. That is the brand promise of DBPOWER and the heritage entrusted to those who market the brand.

We are pleased that you have chosen DBPOWER, and delighted that you wish to use your time enjoying our products.

Our customers are essential to the DBPOWER experience. The focus of our identity is power and technology. We ensure that our brand maintains a consistent look and feel no matter where in the world it’s seen, or by whom it is used. This requires strict dedication to standards. Standards we hope our present and future users appreciate.

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