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What should you consider?

Whilst some people are aiming for the best possible image quality within their budget, others simply want the largest projection screen they can get and are not too fussed about the picture quality. The room size you intend the use the projector in, the layout of that room and your desired screen size is something that is often overlooked, but is a must to consider (See throw distance below).


Some may be thinking that you need a special room or ‘theater’ to use a Home Entertainment Projector – this is not the case.


DBPOWER was created with a vision, and that vision was to combine the convenience and entertainment of everyday projectors that people enjoy and love

Start your entertainment adventure

If you love to combine entertainment and adventure, then our products will blow you away. Our range includes portable home theater projectors, mini cube projectors!

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In-line with our vision of making gadgets fit for adventurers, we ensure they are tested and built to last so that you won’t be disappointed.

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Our #1-rated tech support, along with our customer service team is on standby 24/7 should you ever need us.

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Good price projectors.

Modern digital projectors are extremely versatile. Thanks to widespread HDMI technology, the possibilities of what you can project are boundless. Gone are the days when a projector was simply a means of watching a video or slideshow on a big screen.